Alchimia [v0.2.1]


Alchimia [v0.2.1] [VoluptaSoft]

Alchimia is an adult visual novel that takes place in a fantasy world. You take the role of the protagonist, a young boy soon to enter the esoteric world of alchemy under the wise tutelage of his guardian cough landlady cough.
Explore a bustling, prosperous town and its surrounding area. Interact with the land’s inhabitants, discovering love, adventure, old wounds, lust, betrayal, or perhaps something a bit different altogether along the way. The threads of fate may come to rest in your hands. Will you shape their futures for the better or worse?​

Updated: 2021-01-24
Release Date: 2020-06-13
Developer: VoluptaSoft – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English



If you are curious to know what has been added and/or changed, there’s a changelog in the file named, which is inside the game’s folder. Be careful though: it may contain spoilers.
Some items are missing their description. This will be addressed in the next release.
In this release you will automagically learn all the needed recipes. This will change in the future.
Here’s the list of the recipes you’ll need to progress in this update:

  • Transformation base
    • 1x Blood
    • 1x Draught of life
    • 1x Milk
  • Potion of breast growth
    • 2x Melon
    • 1x Transformation base

In the future you’ll have access to a list of all the recipes you know, so don’t worry, you won’t have to memorize them or write them down.

To obtain the ingredients for the previously shown recipes, you’ll have to forage in the forest. You can do that once per day. Don’t worry about how you are able to forage blood or milk from a forest, it’s a temporary workaround: in the future, you’ll have access to shops that sell those kind of wares or a way obtain them in a more sensible manner.

Some backgrounds don’t have a night variant, so they will look the same during the day and during the night. You can tell in which part of the day you are by the music that is playing in certain places and by the background of certain locations.

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