Soul at a Crossroads [Ep.1 Full]

Soul At A Crossroads

Soul at a Crossroads [Ep.1 Full] [MFN]

You play as a young man. The main character for a long time was in a world that is not comprehensible to the human eye. But the moment came when he was able to return to the world of the living. He doesn’t remember anything. Who was he? What actions did he do? All these questions torment his soul. Now the hero has to get to know his loved ones again. His life changed dramatically. He had a chance to start from scratch. But during his dreams, visions come to him. It’s as if his soul is traveling into a world that is incomprehensible to the living. The torment of his soul gives him no peace in any of the worlds.
Вы играете за молодого мужчину. Главный герой долгое время был в мире, что недостижим для человеческих глаз. Но пришел момент, когда он вернулся в мир живых. Он не помнит ничего. Кто он? Какие поступки он совершал в прошлом? Все эти вопросы терзают его душу. Теперь герою предстоит по новой узнать всех своих близких. Его жизнь кардинально изменилась. У него появился шанс начать все с начала. Но во время снов к нему приходят видения. Как будто его душа путешествует в мир, что не постижим для человека. Терзания его души не дают ему покоя ни в одном из миров.

Updated: 2020-10-02
Release Date: 2020-08-26
Developer: MFN – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Ep.1 Full
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
Other game: Crossing Borders


In this game, you have to choose the path that the hero will follow. Each choice affects both the hero and the characters you meet. This game is a visual novel in the old style. What does it mean? This means that the main part of the game will consist of dialogues and choices. Also, events that are not extremely important are performed on a 2d background. All important events in the game will take place in 3d locations.

Ep. 1. Full.
Added Day 7.
Added 2 new songs.
Added 5 events.
Day 6:
Added Day 6.
Added 2 new songs.
Added 5 events (NTR and not NTR).
Day 5:
Added Day 5.
Added 3 new songs.
Added 2 NTR events.
Added 2 not NTR events.
Added 4 events for Amelia.
Added 2 events for Ingrid.
Added 4 events for Matilda.

4/5 (3 Reviews)

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