Aftermath [v1.5b]


Aftermath [v1.5b] [VileMedia]


A nuclear war between global superpowers has left the world in ruins. Society’s elite have retreated underground into a network of state of the art survival shelters built and maintained by a mysterious shadow organization known as “The Clergy”. You take the role of a high ranking member’s son as he reluctantly inherits the role of commanding and overseeing the operation of one these stations. The catch? They’re all women!
Aftermath is a sandbox visual novel game that includes completely uncensored lewd scenes. Manage your time effectively to balance work and improving your relationship with each character. Interact with characters through actions, dialogue, and events to adapt and improve your relationship with them. Which stats and characters you choose to focus on is entirely up to you! Have fun!

Updated: 2020-10-06
Release Date: 2020-02-28
Developer: VileMedia
Censored: No
Version: 1.4a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English



-Implemented a custom outfit system (note: custom outfits aren’t worn when a girl is in the gym or during story events…)
– You can now decorate your office with secret posters you find hidden throughout the game (There are currently three to collect!)- 2 new events for Eva
– Business Suit Outfit for Eva- 5 New events for Alex
– Alex missionary sex scene
– Alex cowgirl sex scene- You can now force Zoe to wear her maid outfit again

– Gracie’s HJ scene is now fully animated
– Replaced every body inspection render with an improved version
– Replaced every gym workout render with an improved version

– The dining room now works by inviting a girl to eat with you (Although story events will sill trigger based on them just being in there…)
– Completely rehauled the map system to show the schedule of every girl which should reduce the need to keep returning to your office
– Every in game screen (stats, map, characters, etc…) can now be toggled by clicking anywhere

– Fixed a few spelling and grammar errors

– Patreon:
My intentions when I launched this game was to avoid making a Patreon page for as long as possible but my circumstances recently changed so anything you can do to support the continued development is really appreciated.

5/5 (2 Reviews)

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