Paccsu [v0.2666]


Paccsu [v0.2666] [Zem]


Paccsu – Namu’s Journey is a LEWD RPG game set in a fantasy world called Paccsu. You take control of a Muh’kean girl called Namu, who was taken away from her birth parents at a young age to be a part of a holy ritual in Muh’kea’s desperate attempt to fight The Undying King, the King of Zombies.

Thread Updated: 2020-10-05
Release Date: 2019-09-26
Developer: Zem Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2666
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English



  • Regular Attack now gives you 8TP instead of 5TP.
  • Non-quest related journals and things you can interract with now have their own unique symbols.
  • Removed Slime Boob Attack from Slime Mother
  • Kiva receives a new power called Massive Slime Spike (lvl 39), Applies Bleed and Shredded to enemy.
  • Kiva receives a new power called Holy Slime Ball (lvl 40), Deals Light Damage
  • Kiva receives a new power called Cheer On! (Lvl 41) Ally Attack+Defense buff, HP Regen, Heal.
  • Kiva learns a passive buff called Elemental Slime (Lvl 42) Permanent 10% Elemental Resistance
  • Namu receives a new power called Arousing Appearance (lvl 39), Applies Fascinated to enemies. Butts!
  • Namu receives a new power called Hurricane Slash (lvl 40), Deals High Wind Damage. Applies Disorient.
  • Namu receives a new power called Flex (Lvl 41), All Enemies: Attack, Defense, Agility, Luck Debuff. Instant Cast.
  • Namu learns a passive buff called Muscularity (Lvl 42), Permanent 5% Attack stat increase
  • Purnima receives a new power called Poison Gas (lvl 39), Applies Poison and Plague’d to enemies.
  • Purnima receives a new power called Ready to Pounce! (lvl 40) 10% Critical Chance and Attack Damage increase 1 turn.
  • Purnima receives a new power called Poisoned Shuriken (Lvl 41), Bleed, Poison, Ignores Defense.
  • Purnima learns a passive buff called Agile Like a Cat (Lvl 42), Permanent 20% Agility Increase.
  • “Fascinated” now lowers target’s defenses and it’s a bit harder to break.(from 50% chance to 33%)
  • Increased the damage of Slimapocalypse (Kiva)
  • Dance of the Shadows (Purnima) No longer costs 1 extra MP and it hits 5 times instead of 6. Damage slightly lowered.
  • Slimewall (Kiva) Now debuffs enemy stats 25% instead of 33%.
  • Ethereal Strike (Purnima) Damage Increased.
  • Ittybitty things.

Bug Fix:

  • Magic Shopkeeper in Kaupun’ki will no longer turn invisible after you’ve finished Mainio Excavation Site mission
  • Mainio Gate Guard will now move if you interract with him the second time (If you haven’t talked to Emperor yet)
  • (Purnima’s quest) Losing to the Bountyhunter will no longer get you stuck and results in a game over.
  • Watching Key Keeper “Slasher” scenes in the gallery will no longer remove HUD.
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