Selena: One Hour Agent [v0.77]

Selena: One Hour Agent

Selena: One Hour Agent [v0.77] [Serio]


As the name implies it shows the adventures of a lady who is a agent working undercover and she has a very little time to proceed into her investigation meet all kinds of ruffians and obstacles…..Meanwhile, the dev will keep releasing small games of short duration with a lot of secondary characters who will expand the main story.​

Updated: 2020-10-21
Release date: 2019-07-01
Developer: Serio Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: 0.77
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
Side GameFallen Palladin


Sadly, another small update. The lack of time and the excess of bugs made me release it like this.
Hope that most of the bugs have been fixed and see you in the next update.

4.8/5 (4 Reviews)

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