The Office [Ep. 1 v0.3]

The Office

The Office [Ep. 1 v0.3] [Damaged Coda]


Gail & Cindy are both secretaries in the firm, XYZ_Corporation. They both wish to grow at their work place and aim to be the Personal Assistant/Project Manager of their CFO (i.e Dave). Gail is an independent women in her late 20’s who works works very hard to make a fruitful career. She has been working at the firm for three years now. Cindy is a newly recruited woman, in her early 40’s and is very clever to get her ways at work. She tries to sleep her way to the top, Gail feels her career is at stake and decides to play the game herself, in spite of her morality trying to restrict her.​

Updated: 2020-10-17
Release Date: 2020-07-21
Title: The Office
Developer: Damaged Coda Patreon
Language: English
Censored: No
Version: Episode 1 v0.3
OS: Windows , Linux , Mac , Android


~400 new renders
~2000 lines of code
Added morality points (Corruption, Lesbianism, Loving_girlfriend)
Added relationship points with each character in the game
Added credits section
Added gallery section
Its totally interactive and choice based.
Depending on the choices made future actions/scenes will be affected.

3.8/5 (5 Reviews)

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