War of the Orcs [v1.0.9]

War of the Orcs

War of the Orcs [v1.0.9] [Ripe Banana Games]


The Player plays as an Orc anti-hero who must accomplish a feat of strength to become the new Orc Chieftain, this involves starting a war with the enemy humans and capturing their princess.​

Updated: 2020-10-08
Release Date: 2020-02-11
Developer: Ripe Banana Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.9
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

  • Combat Fixes:

    • Cursor occasionally disappearing in combat should be fixed.
    • Fixed enemy AI turn resolution if it had no valid path such as if ally was completely surrounded.
    • Mouse cursor should be more responsive in combat.
    • Fixed issue with double attacking ranged creatures turns resolving incorrectly in melee range.
    • Fixed issue of ally occasionally attacking the wrong target.
    • Eliminated issue of enemy cell path highlight fade interfering with Ally available movement cell highlighting.
    • Ally cells within movement radius will also get pathfinding calcs now to ensure that cells that are not reachable are not shown as movable.
    • Eliminated issue where previous ally attack position logic could carry over to next ally with turn.
    • Fixed combat issue where an enemy would sometimes not be attackable. (I think!)
    • Hotkey for Wait added = ‘W’
    • Hotkey for Defend added = ‘Spacebar’

    Adventure Map Fixes and Changes:

    • Fixed decide later option for mineral mines and others.
    • Optimized map movement and eliminated lag / stutter on moving, picking up loot, etc.
    • On reloading the scene, if the Player is standing within the aggro range of an undefeated enemy, they will be auto moved to the position that they approached that enemy from outside of the enemy’s aggro range. – This prevents the player from getting stuck in a fight that they don’t want and also eliminates a scum-save exploit to bypass certain enemies.
    • On reloading, if the player is standing on loot, such as next to a defeated enemy, the loot will be autolooted so the player won’t have to leave cell and go back to get it.
    • On capturing strategic resources, such as the Lumbermills, they will be captured automatically upon reloading after successful combat so the player does not need to manually interact with them again.
    • Eliminated issue of player sometimes not entering combat when entering creature aggro radius.
    • The Weredragon artifact should be automatically found after defeating him.
    • Creature tooltips changed to approximate creature count (HOMM style).

    General Game Fixes and Changes:

    • I did some major game optimizations which reduced the game’s unpacked size from 2.25GB to 489mb, a 78% reduction! This was primarily the result of spending some painstaking hours optimizing pretty much every texture in the game, but, I think the results were worth it. The game should have better performance overall and take less CPU and GPU to run.
    • Added tutorials to the game that are accessible from the in-game menu. – This should help players figure out how different aspects of the game work and potentially clue them in to features that they may not have known existed.
    • Added some logic to prevent various pop-up windows from interfering with each other. The pop-ups, such as level up, notifications, and dialogue events should now be better about watching and waiting for other windows to finish what they’re doing before they activate.
    • The Yunkuthu and the Amazon renders should now show up for viewing in the remember exploits viewer after the encounters have been completed.
    • Fixed the brothel so that it would correctly keep the brothel worker available for hire upon game reload.
    • Fixed some issues with the Thieves Guild purchasing and correctly reloading available to purchase artifact.
    • Eliminated Demeterium requirement for building the Brothel so it can be built early in the game for better balancing.
    • Reduced Demeterium requirement for building the Thieves Guild.
    • Made capturing the strategic resources in the south more challenging because the armies are no longer fixed sizes but with auto-scale with randomized unit composition in some proportion to the Player’s army strength. – How strong these armies are relative to the Player will depend on the game’s difficulty settings. – The result should be that there are more challenging and epic fights at the end of the game when the Player has a huge army rather than the Player just rolling over everything.
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