Tentacle Slave [v0.20]

Tentacle Slave

Tentacle Slave [v0.20] [Mouseguru]

Two years ago, you moved to the city of Tyrmidon, a wealthy merchant city, and made a name for yourself there. Now you’re finally moving into your own house. But after running into a mysterious woman, you’ve begun experiencing unwanted (possibly wanted?) attention from tentacle creatures. Now you must solve the mystery of why they’re suddenly seeking you out…

This open-world, text-based adventure game involves a heavy focus on tentacles and a moderate focus on transformation.​

Updated: 2021-1-31
Release Date: 2021-1-31
Developer: Mouseguru
Censorship: none
Remake Version: 0.20 (Renpy)
Original Version: 0.14.5 (Twine)
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English


  • Some backgrounds added!
  • Night events, morning events, and travel events are all implemented.
  • You can view your inventory.
  • You can go home and do the nightly sex training.
  • You can randomly encounter tentacles in the city as you move around.
  • You can visit Sensua in the Church.
  • You can get a herm cock from Sensua or get help with your dream molesting problem.
  • You can explore the forest.
  • You can purchase items from the Odd Merchant in the forest glen.
  • You can meet Karnul (Sensua’s father) in the forest glen late at night, once you free him.
  • You can gather alchemical reagents in the forest
  • You can prepare alchemical reagents
  • You can brew potions (anywhere, not just in your magic shop!)
  • You can visit the wizard in the ruined tower in the forest, and get his help with being molested in your dreams
  • You can encounter tentacles in the forest
  • In addition to Alchemist and Sorceress, Patrons can play as a Witch

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