Lewd Town Adventures [v0.6]

Hooker Town Adventures

Not going in to details because you have to find out everything yourself but..

Welcome to the town called Hooker.
A lovely and normal place where nothing special ever happens.
You, the main character was never able to fit in because you we’re born unlucky.
After a series of unfateful events your life changed completely.
Now it’s up to you to decide what will become of the people living there.

An extra clarification:

I’m going to turn this in to the most lewd game out there.
also, any kind of fetish people don’t like is avoidable by clear choices.
You can totally play this in a vanilla way.​

Updated: 2021-02-14
Release Date: 2020-09-05
Developer: Jamleng Games – Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Linux , Mac, Android
Language: English

Compressed Windows

v0.6 public release: 2021-01-31

• 250 new images
• 50 new animations
• 20ish new events
• Major dialogue overhaul thanks to Xo Mo. This also helped make certain things a bit more logical.
• *Note on events, 6 main story events. “15+ small events” which can be found by exploration and interacting with the characters that have been implemented to make Lewd Town feel a bit more alive. This also includes hundreds of new lines of dialogue of which some are random or change after certain events. This is still a work in progress.*
• A professional writer/editor/proofreader/legend that goes by the name of Xo Mo went over ALL of the dialogue, it’s a huge improvement with tons of edits/added dialogue and more. This also allowed to make certain things a bit more sense. He’ll be joining the team. So I don’t have to do everything on my own anymore.
• Added a bunch of new characters/altered versions.
• You can now sleep whenever you want. (sort of like a time skip.)
• You can now apply for a name change on the computer.
• New interface icons are added.
• Changed quite a few images/animations for better quality, night scenes in the university, toilet scenes, some house renovations, and more.
• Updated banner.

Bug fixes:

• Some of these were already shadow patched:
• The last 3 events of the previous version were not accessible for some players.
• Replaying Rose’s scenes now truly work properly.
• Fixed a quest log hint that wouldn’t update after the event got completed. Confusing players.
• An error whenever the police talked in a certain scene has been fixed.
• There were 3 events that could mess up the day cycle, Fixed.
• Mia’s classroom naughty encounter now shows the correct images/animations.
• Pamela called the player by the wrong name in one case.
• There were 8 missing images, they have all been re-added.
• Improved a bunch of other images, that were a bit too much photoshopped.
• Sophia’s house is now always accessible and won’t tell you to find a place to rest in the middle of the day.
• Day-counter now works better.
• You can’t sleep with Rose anymore if you didn’t meet her yet.
• Early access to Lilly’s event is not possible anymore.
• And many others but this list would get too long if would write all of them down.


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Compressed Windows

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