Hounds of The Meteor [v20210221]

Hounds of The Meteor [v20210121]

“Hounds of the Meteor” is under development.
We aim to create a game that combines both side-scrolling action and command-selection-type adventures, with both gameplay and eroticism.
The direction of eroticism is “fighting heroine’s insult/different sex”.​

Updated: 2021-03-22
Release Date: 2021-02-12
Developer: DogFactory ci-en
Censored: Yes
Version: 20210221
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English (MTL)


A lizard shaped creature… its a f**kin dangly-dicked velociraptor! :sneaky::
You can see the first one right away.
It becomes a lizard-shaped creature.
Another one, if you look closely, there is a small one in the lower right.
These two are the newly added creatures.
You can see at a glance how the lizards will attack.
I will come to commit Lena with this constantly erected Ichimotsu (thing).
As for the other bug, this size is not big enough to commit Lena.
Yes, this time we finally implemented the long-awaited “parasitism”.
This bug invades Lena’s hole and keeps wriggling inside Lena’s body at all times.
I couldn’t implement it yet this time, but I’m thinking about parasitic events in my room and in the city, so please enjoy it.
My Notes:
Ok so the raptor is beyond the bandit gang in the Sang Rocky Hills, as are the beetle-like parasites on the ground. Its… kinda boring if I’m perfectly honestRaptor: When Rena is down and there are a large group of them, they will bite Rena repeatedly causing more damage. If only one is nearby it will attempt to vaginally rape Rena. Pregnancy does not appear to be possible with this enemy and there appears to be only one rape animation.Parasites: These will not attack you until your suit is damaged. When it is, they’ll jump in the air and attempt to burrow in Rena’s backdoor. It seems as though there’s a % chance they will fail to parasitize but I think that’s only if one is already implanted. There is no gameover sequence with these and there appears to be 2 animations, one for standing and one for on knees. Treatment for these hasn’t been implemented so anywhere you go, there will now be an x-ray indicator showing the parasite and it will wriggle causing Rena some excitement but at this time there’s nothing to do about it.
Update: If you urinate at the apartment or go to the bar there’s a reference to a ‘todorokishita’ which is something that will remove the parasite.
Possible Bugs:

  1. Ok so be aware. If you just let the raptor bite you until you fall then continue letting him bite you it will fire the sex action incorrectly. You’ll end up just stuck on the ground and can’t get up again. At least, this happened to me on the first attempt, have not tried to reproduce.
  2. When interacting with a parasite the ‘break-free’ bar does not appear although you can smash the Z and arrow keys to force the action forward.






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