Bimbo Paradise [v0.4.7]

Bimbo Paradise [v0.4.7]

Hi guys, so far the game is looking good, finally got the right look for the beach and shorelines, now I’m working on the cameras and other stuff.
Anyway, I wanted to release another early demo so you can play a bit and have some fun with the girls. Still needs a lot of work but it’s getting better.​

Thread Updated: 2021-03-24
Release Date: 2021-03-01
Developer: P1NUPS Games WebsitePatreon Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.7
OS: Windows
Language: English


Character Editor:
-New accessory type: Choker.
-New IK Foot System.
-New Quest System.
-Fixed Camera’s collision.
-Fixed Footsteps sounds.
-Fixed Jetski handling and buoyancy.
-Added Pedestrian Signs.

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