Succubus Reborn [v20210325a Supporter]

Succubus Reborn

This is a single-player card game with the theme of “squeezing”.​

Updated: 2021-03-26
Release Date: 2020-10-12
Developer: Sda-lab Ci-En
Censored: Yes
Version: 20210325a Supporter
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English, Japanese

v20210325a Supporter
● New card
・ Necromancy Volatile 4-cost curse
・ Remand volatile type 2 cost computer
● Balance adjustment
・ Glittering cheerleader & passionate bunny girl
Partner ability change
● Correction, etc.
-The problem that the guardian sent to the discard pile on his turn by the cowgirl effect of Cheer Girl can be the target of the unsealing effect of Marianera
-Title improvement: Trial version / support version display added, menu written in Japanese, about this game added
-Display only thumbnails of support version limited scenes in the trial version & add a link to the support site
-Added deck sorting to the main menu
・ Weight reduction of 3D texture
-Renamed “Immortal” attribute to “Dead”
・ Correction of lighting of recollection background
・ Added heat haze to some generated cards
-Added card image replacement function. See readme.txt in “UserCustomData \ Sprites” for details.
・ Card ID display at the bottom center of card information



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