Against Fate [v0.1.3]

Against Fate [v0.1.3]

This is a 3D open world porn game. There is (or will be) a quest system, fights with monsters and bosses, pumping systems, porn animations, character customization and everything that comes into my crazy head.‚Äč

Thread Updated: 2021-07-09
Release Date: 2021-06-25
Developer: Licky_Lick Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.3 Preview
OS: Windows
Language: English

v0.1.3 Preview

-Improved the combat system.
-Added new combo attacks.
-Added 2 new quests “Find dildo” and “Lost berries”
-Added new NPC.
-New enemies skeleton and mad rabbit.
-Added a new dungeon and a new location.
-New animations.
-Slightly redesigned UI.
-Added Motion blur on attacks.
-Now when dodging is invulnerable for 0.7 sec.
-Fix flight when attacking and dodging.
-Transparency during animation.
-Camera control in animation .
-Small bugs I forgot about.




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