Evening Starter [v1.02]

Evening Starter [v1.02]

There are many dangers lurking in the shadows of a nighttime city, but far from all of them are human in nature. Nosogi Ren is a freelance sweeper and an expert in all things supernatural, so when a series of mysterious disappearances grip the city of Karadate with fear, there is no better person to investigate… At least until things go sour and Ren finds herself 6 billion yen deep in debt. With such a sizable bill hanging over her head, Ren has no choice but to accept her most dangerous job yet – a religious cult seeking to summon the Outer Gods and bring the world to ruin. But perhaps there are less dangerous, if less dignified, ways of coming up with the money…​

Thread Updated: 2021-07-09
Release Date: Japan 2015-12-08, English 2021-06-18
Developer/Publisher: Barony SengiaKagura Games
Censorship: No
Version: 1.02
OS: Windows
Language: English








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