Cyberromance [v0.9.2]

Cyberromance [v0.9.2]

Cyberromance is a VR and Desktop sandbox game/scene loader, that supports adult content. It supports Daz Genesis 8 characters and uses the Unreal Engine, in order to create the most lifelike experience for the player. It is entirely moddable, therefore the only limit is the imagination of the content creators.

Its not just a simple scene loader, you also have the possibility to create new functions, and even your own mini-game. Our main goal is to let the users decide what they want to create. We constantly researching and implementing the newest, and most advanced Unreal Engine features. In order to give the player the most realistic virtual experience.​

Thread Updated: 2021-09-05
Release Date: 2021-09-03
Developer: Nemesis Soft Ltd
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

New Features
Locomotion VR camera mods
F5 VR Third – person
F6 VR First – person
F7 VR Spectator
New Superhero power – Run ( in the quickmenu next to the superhero flight )
Superhero Run – To activate, press and hold the shift key
Superhero Run – Press the F key to slow down the time
UI updates
Quick Menu updates

Know Major Bugs
VR – can’t render the Groom Hairs on the right Eye
Temporary UI, Missing icons…
VR mods does not yet support the UI
if you quickly switch between preset characters, morph can bugged, in which case you have to re-set the character morp from
the editor panel/Morphs/Character Morphs. That ll fix it.
Groom Hair Collision. The solution is expected for Unreal Engine 5. As soon as there is a solution, we will update them.
The save system is not ready yet, only in parts. You can save preset characters from Rigged character. Can save textures, morphs, clothes, but cant save groom hairs yet.
Replacing the base character with a lot of Daz hair and some clothes doesn’t follow the character morphs properly. We will update these assets.




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