Holding Hands [v0.06]

Holding Hands [v0.06]

The protagonist works as a writer but has been unable to produce anything that he considers high quality and going through depression because of it.
Meanwhile, one the old friends that his girlfriend is invited to stay in the house due to being evicted.
What impact will have this event in the life of the protagonist?
Will he find a rival for the love of his girlfriend?
Will he have is entire relationship destroyed?
Or will he find a new fetish?

Thread Updated: 2021-09-12
Release Date: 2021-09-12
Developer: Kirantiplayer – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.06
OS: Windows
Language: English


Finished day 3 and 4 for the 2 Netorase route
4 new scenes for the Netorase Route, two scenes for each route.
Started to also create what will be the recollection room (for now it only has one scene but there is no way to access it just yet, i’ll try to have it for the next update with more scenes)
Fixed some typing mistakes on some dialogues.
The secret quest in the guests house will be stopped for a couple of updates. (I am not sure if you guys have done the 3 quests there, but the reward for finishing all the quests was supposed to be the recollection room fully unlocked, but i think i’ll just leave it fully unlocked anyway, at least until i have at least a week of ingame days available for all the routes)
Also i have been trying to record sounds to use in the game that my girlfriend is helping me with, but our mic is of really bad quality, so i don’t think i’ll add it just yet. (I might add however some placeholder sounds, but i still don’t know how to make them work in rpgmaker tool)








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