Equellum/Fabula: Carmen Cygni [v0.4.0.0]

Equellum/Fabula: Carmen Cygni

Our protagonist horsegirl, on her new life in the two of Umikaze.
Upon her first few days, the town’s castle, Vigil Castle, suddenly transforms into a tower at night.
What could have caused this? What mysteries lie inside Vigil Castle at night? How many doughtnuts will Roz-chan eat?​

Updated: 2021-09-14
Release Date: 2020-04-01
Developer: Gaikiken Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

HUGE overhaul of flags, switches, organizational stuff for the engine, and event optimizations. (WILL REQUIRE FRESH START)
Bessie’s sex scene finally complete and in the game.
Rewatchable Mizuho and Sigrun peek scenes.
Chapters 6 and 7 added for the main story.
Centaur plains, Centaur Village, and a new ruin map added.
Moved around the element tutorial to be right before your first night at Vigil Castle.
Sigrun’s sprite are updated!
New story content and some earlier content dialogue now has name tags.
5 new party members join. 3 centaurs, two praquians.
At the end of the current beta, you will be able to enter and leave the tower as you please. (Still through your bed, I removed Elis from Vigil Castle for now)
Softlocks removed from game hopefully.
Maruzone Shrine (your home) reworked.
New story art. Some wip.
Tons of typos fixed.
Bugs squashed.

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