Mahou Shoujo Isuka

Mahou Shoujo Isuka

Mahou Shoujo Isuka

  • Type: Visual Novel
  • Tags: Rape, Ahegao, Tentacles, Exhibitionism, Female Pr.
  • Original title: 魔法少女イスカ
  • Language: Japanese
  • Censorship: Mosaic
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 337.mb’link

Before launching set your locale to Japanese!


The evil stone conceives a part of the king of the hell’s power in a different world. To prevent his revival, the stone is implanted into a body of a magical girl!
Now the clans from the hell follow after her.
The evil stone cannot be regained by a simple destruction of the body. Thus, they start disgracing the magical girl in various ways!

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