Ore no Kanojo ga Shuushoku Shita Kaisha wa, Black Kigyou Datta…

Ore no Kanojo ga Shuushoku Shita Kaisha wa, Black Kigyou Datta...

Ore no Kanojo ga Shuushoku Shita Kaisha wa, Black Kigyou Datta…

  • Type: Visual Novel
  • Tags: Netorare, Mind Control, Bukkake, Group Sex, Nukige, Rape
  • Original title: 俺の彼女が就職した会社は、ブラック企業だった…。
  • Language: Japanese
  • Censorship: Mosaic
  • Platforms: Windows
Size: 1.37 GB


Before launching set your locale to Japanese!


Ryuichi Hiraga, the main character, graduated from college this spring and is a first-grader of a career who worked in a mid-range home electronics manufacturer.
While being sold by his boss as a newcomer in the sales department, I am spending full days.
Kosuke Ami, a lover from my school days, also decided to get a job at a company with a restaurant service industry, and I had a pleasant time resting while I was training.
The number of meetings is decreasing as the days pass and I think that each other’s work will start and I can not take the time.

Even so, I frequently exchange e-mails and phone calls, and on occasional holidays I go out with dates and the relationship between them became stronger.
… … should have been.
While repeating the date, Ryuichi will feel a sense of incompatibility somewhat can not be worded.
Ami was often used to praise the company and his boss in the conversation and to raise the date soon by the boss’s call.
Still, Ryuichi is impressed with Ami ‘s seriousness and is trying to save money for marriage even a little, “I am trying hard to learn work”.
One day Ryuichi saw a video that happened to be a hot topic on the net.

It was a movie that reflected the state of employee training being talked about “this company overwork w” etc.
At first it was Ryuichi who was smiling and watching, but the moment I saw a scene I feel the face freezes.
There appeared the figure of Ami who cheerfully repeats the company training while tears in the eyes … ….

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