The Princess of Succubus [Final]

The Princess of Succubus

The Princess of Succubus [Final] [Tistrya]


Succubus have been catching men of human kinds to suck their semen.
Human kinds bring tentacle monster that can fight against succubus with them andattack the village of succubus.
Succubus became feeds of tentacle monster, and then became sexual slaveries.
Succubus’ village fell.the princess succubus was the only one who can escape from the village.
In order to help succubus who become the sexual slaveries,
the princess succubus begins the erotic journey.

The sexual desire of succubus will never been fulfilled.

Man who is aimed by the princess succubus won’t be finished one ejaculation,
over and over, ejaculated in force until becoming cripple.

Reverse rape attacks men who never experience like this situation.
Even he ejaculated many times, but he never beenlet go.
Even he sjaculated all semen, Succubus kept sucking more.

Thread Updated: 2020-03-19
Release Date: 2020-03-01
Developer: Tistrya – DLsite
Censored: Yes/Mosaics
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

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