Training and education of the Vice-Principal [Final]

Training and education of the Vice-Principal

Training and education of the Vice-Principal [Final] [Vitamin CCC]


The girls school where I was appointed Principal
…Tokyo Shukujo university is the school with the strictest rules in Japan.
Not only are the girls not allowed to fraternize with boys, but from appearance to concept, they need to be completely chaste.
They must not dye their hair, and must have long hair…they are so out of touch with the age.
The person who created and strictly enforces the rules is the Vice-Principal Kaori Kikuchi.
She is a 37-year old woman, who is diligent, adheres strictly to the rules, and is inflexible.
The rumors that she never lets herself go and has never had intercourse with a man.
She is someone who has let the traditional marriage period pass her by,
and she is a plain and serious, and supervises others strictly.She supervises very strictly, checking the attire of the girls everyday, checking their bags, and how they speak.
She also does random checks of underwear and mobile phones.It is considered possible that if things go on like this,
the number of current and future students will decrease, and eventually the school will go under.
I decide to try to persuade Vice-Principal Kaori Kikuchi, who could be said to be the gun of the school.

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