Love & Poke – Poke and Love [v9.0.6]

Love & Poke – Poke and Love [v9.0.6] [ASGARD]

◇◆Poke and shake your beloved boyfriend◆◇

The boyfriends you all adored from female contents labels ‘bisCROWN’ and ‘bizCROWN’, now make their appearance in the new voice app ‘Love Him, Poke Him’ (Love&Poke)!

◆Series & Cast in order of appearance◆

Reversible: Netsu Domon, Homare Kashiwagi, Yasuhiro Okino, Manaka Sawa
Anniversary: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Carrot and Stick: Kenji Nojima
The First Night: Takashi Kondo, Kenjiro Tsuda
YES×NO: Hiroyuki Yoshino, Kaito Ishikawa, Ryouhei Kimura, Toshiki Masuda
Firsts With You: Jun Teratake, Shu Kasumi

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◆Function Guide◆
It’s easy! Just tap the screen, shake your device and your boyfriend will whisper messages of love to you.

Note: All tracks in this app were recorded with a dummyhead microphone. It is recommended users use earphones or headphones when using the app.


◆Yes/No Boyfriend◆ (NEW!!)

“I can’t see you clearly when I’m not wearing my glasses… So come closer, much closer.”

Name: Sakuya Hojo (CV. Toshiki Masuda)
Occupation: Contemporary Japanese teacher in high school
Personality: 24 y/o mischievous and twisted, he’s the exact meaning of ‘the more I like you the more I’ll tease you’.


■Reversible Boyfriend■

Vol. 1 Takeru Yumiba
CV: Netsu Domon
Profile: Confident, prideful and self-centred university student. He is childishly competitive but only shows that side of him to you.

Vol. 2 Sunao Hamasaki
CV: Homare Kashiwagi
Profile: A illustrator & part-time Fine Arts University lecturer who is naturally kind and gentle to anyone but when it comes to you, he is even more so.

Vol. 3 Heima Ichiki
CV: Yasuhiro Okino
Profile: An advertising firm sales rep who is always lively and a moodmaker, but can be a bit of a handful at times.

Vol. 4 Rentarou Takashiro
CV: Manaka Sawa
Profile: A serious and obstinate university junior who might be great at academics but flusters easily around you.

■Firsts With You■

Vol. 1 Shoui Tanabe
CV: Jun Teratake
Profile: A university student who is able to perform everything flawlessly. He learnt what love was when he met you.

Vol. 2 Touya Yuinaga
CV: Shu Kasumi
Profile: A junior at university who is cheeky, who is perhaps overly interested in your past love life…?

■YES×NO Boyfriend■

Vol. 1 Hiroto Yanagi
CV: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Profile: A university student who is bit of a tsundere. He is also sometimes possessive and likes to get spoilt by you.

Vol. 2 Issei Mine
CV: Kaito Ishikawa
Profile: A university student who is blunt but blushes easily. Although he can’t convey his feelings through words, they show in his actions.

Vol. 3 You Hasukawa
CV: Ryouhei Kimura
Profile: A chief waiter at a cafe with a swift and smooth approach to everything, and a hidden mischievous side.

■Newlywed Darling■

Vol. 1 Shinya Okuno
CV: Takashi Kondo
Profile: A office worker and childhood friend who is a bit awkward and blunt. But around you, he smiles and sometimes even jokes.

Vol. 2 Seishiro Suzuki
CV: Kenjiro Tsuda
Profile: A pharmaceutical scientist who is gentle and diligent. He forgets his surroundings once extremely focused. Conversations with him are quite slow-paced too.

■Carrot and Stick Boyfriend■

Soushi Onda
CV: Kenji Nojima
Profile: An English conversation school lecturer. Underneath the gentle smile is a bit of a mean streak.

■Anniversary Boyfriend■

Hajime Takaya
CV: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Profile: Although serious and honest, he has a hard time expressing how much he loves you. The embarrassment makes him quite blunt and he ends up teasing you at times.

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