Shadows Over Solomon Falls [v0.1.1]

Shadows Over Solomon Falls [v0.1.1]

Shadows Over Solomon Falls is a mystery RPG with minor lifesim elements. The game is very plot focused with major decisions that drive the story forward.

Inspired by urban fantasy and horror TV, it features transformations ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, supported by a cast of unique and quirky characters.​

Thread Updated: 2021-3-18
Release Date: 2021-3-17
Developer: wendythered – PatreonShadow in Solomon Falls
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.1
OS: Windows

Version 0.1.1

Bug fixes:

Numerous small bugs. Notably, I forgot to set up a notebook page for Lou if you work as a waitress. That has been fixed.
If you saw the doctor and let her hypnotise you it didn’t have the full intended affect. This is fixed and should also
update on old saves when you see her for the second time.
Minor tweaks to the start page including adding the awesome logo by TRBRY
Some images are no longer rounded, such as the polaroids of the characters in the notebook.
Changed the pages to have much less or no scrolling. The trade off is links to continue the story.
New content!
Maid Job added: Meet Mister Van Horn in the diner and then go to his manor if you want it. Note: Transgender
characters will need to be more feminine to accept the job but they can still talk about it with him.

Church scenes added! Including a new way to get back energy!
Library scenes added! Discover new secrets! More content to come to the library soon!




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