LoveSick Darlings [v1.4 Demo]

LoveSick Darlings

LoveSick Darlings is a visual novel focused on creating and testing the limits of teenage relationships. It explores friendship, high school life, love, and everything in between. The game plays with tropes and expectations found in romance visual novels and dating sims by undercutting this often-romanticized period of everyone’s lives with a realistic edge.

Syd, our protagonist, moved into town at the start of this year. He’s become best friends with a girl called Maisy who lives on the same street with him – and by extension, her friends too. Over time he has become a natural part of this diverse group of friends. The school year is growing closer to its end, and Syd’s friends are pressuring him into asking his crush out to the formal at the end of the year. Will he be able to do it? How will his friendships hold up around him as he makes these big decisions towards the end of this high school year? And what if someone in his own group of friends sees him as more than… “just a friend”? It’s up to you to make these hard decisions and deal with these situations as Syd to decide the fate of him and all of his friends.And that is where our story begins.

Thread Updated: 2021-04-02
Release Date: 2020-01-10
Developer: Dimitri – Twitter – Facebook
Censored: No
Version: 1.4 Demo
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

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