Holey Matrimony ~Newlywed Wife Accepts a Surrogate to Save Her Marriage~

Kekkon Seikatsu o Mamoru Tame                                                                                                                            

The only good part about attending your boring family meetups is that you get to ogle your hot cousin, Nodoka. But this time she brought back her stupid handsome husband to spoil the mood. While lamenting your cousin’s married status, your great grandmother calls you and Nodoka away for a private conversation. She drops a BOMB! Turns out your cousin’s husband is impotent and granny wants to see some babies coming from your Nodoka ASAP. Great grandmother wants you to be the one to get her pregnant!

Original title: 結婚生活を守るために代理子作り

Language: English

Censorship: Mosaic

Release date: 2021/04/03

Platforms: Windows

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