ParaScape [Day 1]


You are a Facilitator and your job is to help our main character Parami through her first year on the job.
At times she will be unsure as to what to do and that is where you come in. You “nudge” her in the right direction. You must help her without giving away your presence. In the beginning you can’t really mess up as she won’t be paying that much attention but after a while you will have to be more careful.
If she discovers you, you will lose your job as a Facilitator.
There is no sexual content at this time but some is planned for either the next release or the one after.​

 Updated: 2021-04-19
Release Date: 2021-04-17
Developer: Harkonnan – Discord
Censored: no
Version: day -1
OS: Windows, Linux & Mac, Android
Language: English

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