MC Simulator [v0.1.2]

MC Simulator

After you die, someone mysterious appears in front of you,
proposing you a rather strange deal: “Would you like to become a guide to the afterlife?”.
Living again and having a little more time sounds good but this deal comes with a condition:
“You will forget everything about your past life, no one will remember you, it will be as if you never existed”.

By accepting this deal you are reborn and start a new life in a new house living with a group of people (they are all girls) similar to you.
Your job as a guide to the after life is very simple: You guide stray souls to the afterlife.
The only problem is that most of the stray souls have become aggresive and unreasonable,
so you will have to convince them to leave the world of the living.

Updated: 2021-05-25
Release Date: 25-03-2021
Developer: Aph Patreon –
Censored: No
Version: v 0.1.2
OS: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac
Language: English


  • Added 1 main quest.
  • Added 1 secondary quest.
  • Added a new location.
  • You can now buy and sell items.
  • Reworked MC’s room and the scenes it was featured in.
  • Added a new girl.
  • Added new items.






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