Vae Victis – Conquer, Ravish, Breed [v0.2.5]

Vae Victis - Conquer Ravish Breed

A prince, an escaped prisoner, a usurper, a sexual abuser, a fighter. Karder Dal-Arouya is many things but has one goal in life: to conquer the empire stolen from him by his treacherous queen mother.
Guide Karder on his adventures to reclaim his throne. On his quests you will meet friends and foes, powerful beasts and sexy rulers. Dominate your defeated foes and decide whether you want to use and abuse them for your dark pleasures or convince them to aid you with their skills and knowledge.

Updated: 2021-05-27
Release Date: 2021-02-18
Developer: DoorKnob22 Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English

-A new fiefdom to conquer ruled by Nahir dar’Akad. Break her in the dungeon or seduce her in the palace, your choice.
-A miniquest taking place in an oasis where Karder decides to run a heist against a busty rich moneylender, her daughter and her sexy captain of the guard.
-Multiple endings and morale based choices. No karma points, hidden mechanisms, or “bad ends”.
-You choose whether to play a bastard flow or a galant flow (or a mixture of both). Every decision you make takes you towards a successful ending.
-Overall eleven new sex scenes
-New mechanism: Raids! Troops in your Garrisons defend against raids. Lose to raiders and all your buildings in the fiefdoms will be destroyed and Obedience plummet. Repel a raid and Obedience will climb.
-New mechanism: Ravishment. If you subdue a Wench after you beat her army, you may ravish her on the spot. Vae Victis, bitchez.
-Automatic minimap in “dungeon” sections. I am working on adding minimaps to existing “dungeons” as well (Temple of the First Light and Forest of Faith)
-Skip ‘n Win: while previous saves might not be compatible with 0.2, you may choose to skip a miniquest and still gain its benefits. This will help you quickly run the miniquests you played already.

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