Gloryuse Maker [v1.1]

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GloryUse Maker” is a straight-to-action 3D Simulation/Sandbox game primarily around Stuck and Freeuse kinks.
You can upload your favorite girls image to game, customize your girls body, choose a place where she stucked and then you can “help” her while she stucked.
This game is a fully real-time sex simulator where you can create scenes as you like and don’t have any story.

Developer: NeoEthik Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, Anal Sex, BDSM, Big ass, Character creation, Male domination, Male protagonist, Parody, Sandbox, Simulator, Vaginal Sex

Extract and run


  • Penetration Actions is now real-time and can directly controlled by player (via mouse drag and mouse wheel)
  • Penetration Actions Auto Mode Now Have Few Options (speed, Insertion Percentage)
  • Struggle and Shake Animations Added (currently not usable for stuck in W-Machine Scene)
  • Clothing Tab with Stockings and Shoes Options added
  • Scale Penis size option Added
  • Penis Balls Physics Added
  • Doggy Pose Added (W-Machine Scene)
  • Few Basic Sounds added
  • Pan View Option Added (middleMouseButton+DragMouse)
  • Butt physics added
  • Stuck in Washing Machine Level now looking much better
  • Belly Inflation Slider Added
  • Few Wall Ink Added to Toilet Scene
  • Coloring Tabs is More Basic and Easier to Use Now
  • Scale Picture Frame Option Added
  • Reset Picture Position Button Added
  • UI is Better Looking and Easier to Use Now
  • Color Accuracy of Skin Color Option Improved
  • Resolution Option Dropdown Added
  • Quality Settings Option Added
  • Volume Slider Added
  • Opening Level Changed To Toilet
  • Small Model Deformation on Ass Fixed
  • Penis Model Improved
  • Minor Improvement on Lightning
  • Minor Performance Improvements

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