Heavenly Peaks Cultivation [v2.0]

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Bai Huan is an average son of a farmer who acquires the chance of a lifetime. When a mysterious mark embeds itself upon him, his life changes forever. Now, standing at the gates of the immortal mountain, how will Bai Huan cope? The world of cultivation is cruel and filled with competition, what hope does a farmer’s son ,with no status or backing, stand? Little do his detractors know — Bai Huan’s got a secret power all his own. One that will make him the talk of the Heavenly Peaks for years to come.​

Developer: My Big Little Brother Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Blowjob, Male Protagonist, Handjob, Teasing, Western Fantasy, Wuxia, Dual Cultivation

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  • Players can change their first and last name as they please.
  • Players can now enter custom names for each vixen throughout the game. All players can do this via the bed (rest options) while new players will get the opportunity as soon as they meet a new vixen.
  • Fixed an issue where new players could use the bath from the outset.
  • Fixed an issue where utilizing the improvement buttons on the meditation menu would sometimes give the false impression that growth has occurred. Also added failure and success sound effects to emphasize this.
  • Added some new buttons to the navigation menu, also added a few new additions to it – Cross Cards section, Tutorial Section (Features Help).
  • Fixed the navi menu so that leaving the Gallery, Tutorial or Cross Cards section won’t leave you with black screen.
  • Added some new upsell features to the public version of the game. So as to be non-invasive or annoying, they are kept to a minimum.
  • Added a Tutorial (help) screen with 14 of 20 topics available for viewing.
  • Added a one time Wuxia Primer event at game start-up. Can also be viewed from the Tutorial screen.
  • Added a small event for Lin prior to using the Tutorial screen for the first time.
  • Attempted to patch an issue that might plague players who don’t Breakthrough prior to Lin’s visit. This was responsible for some out of order events.
  • Training Results are more informative. You can now clearly see your fitness results and other pertinent info.
  • Added several toggles for “easey-mode”. Training gains can be increased, qi gains can be increased and monsters can be easier to defeat, monsters have less HP and less attack power , and so on.
  • Removed the “awaken your qi-core” series of events from the beginning and instead made it a single event that takes 2 days of your time to complete. It can be triggered in the same way you normally do – attempt to meditate.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs (3)
  • Made the first battle less punishing, Mai will assist you if you are defeated so that you don’t suffer too many consequences. (new event).
  • Fixed the Memory Gallery (code related stuff).
  • Fixed a persistent problem with inventory (somehow items were causing glitches based on item paging, but it seems to be fixed).
  • Finished setting up the new Vixen information screen. Also incorporated the new re-naming feature there as well.
  • Changed a bunch of the menu buttons to something more uniform.
  • Nap events now offer some benefits (occasionally you won’t suffer penalties from resting, like lowered affection or fitness detriments).
  • Added the ability to change Bai Huan’s name from the Status Screen.
  • Finalized the new Settings Menu / Cheats.
  • Enlightenment gains (the training), now scales based on Bai Huan’s maximum Qi.
  • Improved some of the buttons for battle so that they are more clearly labeled.
  • Cheat benefits are found in the Settings tab of the Status Menu.
  • Fixed drops for Nearby Forest (so that you don’t constantly get the same materials). Purple Grass Get chance is only once per drop (though you may sometimes get more than one normally).
  • Fixed Purple Grass Image so that it’s actually Purple. (Applies to all new gathers.)
  • Increased the amount of gains from 3-way spar.
  • Improved task positioning.
  • Fix the ordering of some earlier events. (Particularly some bath / training events.)
  • Lowered the amount of XP needed to improve bond levels, and also lowered the amount of XP given from events by a small amount.
  • Updated the vixen screen to limit certain information based on which girl you’ve met.
  • Added 2 new cheats to the Settings menu.
  • Fixed 2 out of order Lin Events, (generally only triggers when you neglect to improve yourself in a reasonable amount of time).
  • Fixed the order of some Guobei events (once again, only happens if you neglect to advance your game by triggering your first breakthrough.)
  • Fixed an issue related to retarded advancement in which you may have never gotten to meet Guobei properly.
  • Fixed 2 out of order events related to entering the Forest.
  • Fixed 2 out of order Mai events.
  • +3 cheat settings. (Bonus affection, lowered sustenance use and daily xp gains for vixens)
  • Fixed an issue where Black Fox’s drop items would cause an error in the inventory.
  • Buffed Black Fox’s HP and attack.
  • Added Vagrah Enemy.
  • 3 new drop materials.

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