Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition [Beta 6]

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A group of girls wake up in a mysterious mansion. The mansion is full of monstergirls seeking to transform them.
Will they escape or will they fall prey to the House of Pandemonium?

Developer: Throwawaylady
Censored: No
Version: Beta 6
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: RPG, Lesbian, Monster girl, Transformation, Corruption, Eldritch Abominations, Slimes, Bees, Ghosts, Possession, Plant Girls, Mind Control, Robotization, Latex, 3D game, 3DCG, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonist

Extract and run

Beta 6
+ Replaced cupid/fallen cupid images with proper ones
+ Added succubi and inma (images by Forest)
+ Added pinkies
+ Added merregons
+ Added jellies
+ Added dullahan and pumpkinheads (and headless state)
+ Added intemperi (images by Forest)
+ Added entoloma
+ Added a tutorial mansion mode

+ Images loading was changed to prevent corruption issues
+ Added berserk bars
+ It should now be possible to swap to observer mode during pause and when the player isn’t in control of their character
+ Hopefully fixed a case that was allowing the ai to cure player transformations when undesired
+ Characters heading to take weapons in other rooms should now opportunistically open chests they encounter on the way there
+ Cleaned up ‘enemies spawn on progress’ to make more sense
+ NPCs will now sometimes wish djinni into being their friends
+ Only intense infection timers now stop volunteering
+ Lithosites should now be able to attach through non-intense infections
+ AIs will now clear out the lake (but not if it’s crowded)
+ Imposters will now replace the character that volunteers to them
+ Potential fix for rare missing star gem issue
+ Stopped the player from tfing themselves into a cow when not a human by drinking from a cow
+ Hopefully fixed an issue that would cause characters to attack friendlies with the hypnotist coin
+ Fixed dark cloud instantly tfing characters
+ Neutral side characters (such as disguised succubi) can now get other neutral side characters to follow them
+ Fixed a weird bug that probably caused some occasional diplomacy issues
+ Cheerleaders should now swap to the side-appropriate generic image
+ Evil doubles no longer generify
+ Hopefully stopped keys spawning in treasure rooms
+ Chill timer will no longer tick down when marzanna are present
+ Prevented treasure chambers from attaching to treasure chambers
+ Fixed weremouse sprite disappearing after bodyswap
+ Prevented ais from infinitely completing weremouse jobs
+ Added generify as monster option (if on and generification is on, if you start as a monster with a non-generic image set you will have a generify timer)
+ Applied monster spawn limit in various places it was ignored (particularly monsters that spawn other monsters and on-progress spawns other than inside door rooms)
+ Observer commands can be opened during normal gameplay with ‘]’
+ Allow spawning of multiple holy shrines
+ Fixed a nasty bug breaking some special player incapacitation states
+ Prevented some weird cases where immobile states could continue dashes
+ Stopped weremice from choosing the yard as their lurking room
+ Fixed cheerleaders losing their generification timer when they change sides
+ Ghoul tf should no longer be stopped by weak infections
+ Added several extra volunteer locations (bookshelves, bloodstain, hive floor)
+ Hopefully fixed neutral djinn bodyswap issues

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