Relicts of Aeson [v0.06]

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The village Pyrewood is haunted by a mysterious plague that turns the villagers into slaves of their own desires. The church and the mage guild already noticed this strange phenomenon. They sent their agents to investigate the case. But the ruler of the land plots his own intrigues and is not interested in cooperation…
Ariana, a young master thief, got between the fronts of this conflict. She has to join one of these parties to save her girlfriend…
…and maybe the whole realm.

Developer: Doianu Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.06
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Adventure, Bukkake, Corruption, Masturbation, Tentacles, Female Protagonist

  1. Extract and run
  2. Enjoy!

v.0.06 (non-patreon-version)


  • New Mage-quest! Make sure to have at least 20 Perversion 😉
    • Several new scenes!
  • New character! Meet Jayla, the fairy!
  • New game mechanic! Distract guards with… a special distraction 😉


  • Clothing system. You can now change your clothes. Depending on your perversion-level. The maid-costume e.g. needs 20 perversion.
  • Cum system. It is now stored in a variable if Ariana is cum-covered or not. This means if she e.g. received a facial in a dialogue this will be represented by the dialogue-busts and the side-portrait
  • New main menu!
  • You can now turn the side-portrait on and off by pressing “P”


  • Much less game crashes/freezes! If you still encounter a crash please report :)
  • “Walking outside the map” should be fixed
  • Guards shouldn’t cause a freeze anymore if the see you
  • Less overlapping of drawings with conversation sprites

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