The Chant of Dead [v1.6.9 B]

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The game follows the story of the innocent and virgin daughter of a noble family, who has to escape from her fief to save her life. Her mission is to warn the queen of the arrival of a new evil, the army of walkers (living dead) who raze everything in their path. Over the course of history you will have many possibilities. Follow the main mission, help the opposing kingdoms in their fight for power or against the walkers, or forget your mission and try to find the best way to live in this dark world.​

Developer: FariseoStudio
Censored: No
Version: 1.6.9 B Patreon Version
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, 2D Game, Female Protagonist, Interracial, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex

Extract and run

1.6.9 Patreon Version.
– Added 14 new pics.
– Added 6 new scenes.
– Added new scenes in the sauna.
– Added new scenes, between the protagonist and the soldiers in the mountain village.
– Added new job option (sale of vials with the “liquid” needed for the last quest with the alchemist, in the infirmary).
– Added new map.
– Added new location (infirmary in the mountain city).
– Added new NPC, added. (Nurse in the mountain city).
– Improved statistics control system when using the mirror.
– Change in equipment at game start (the dagger is now automatically equipped at game start, as well as certain artifacts required for the game’s story).
– Lowered the difficulty level during battles in the city of anerland (some players were experiencing lag during battles).
– Change of some scenes between the main character and some NPCs, (improved quality of graphics and scenes).
– Improved quality of the graphics in the different scenes of our protagonist.
– Fixed some minor bugs.

1. When you start the game, I advise you to skip the intro. It will save you from bugs.

2. In the beginning you will appear in the room with two zombies and two chests. Run to the left chest. There will be a dagger in it. Enter menu and equip it. Now you can fight with zombies by pressing button “a”. In the right chest you will find some coins.
In the top right corner, there will be a window. Run to it, press ‘a’ and our heroine will escape this room.

There is another way out that involves way less zombies (and the tiresome zombie rape animations). There is a secret passage out of the manor house that skips the village entirely. (WARNING this might be only in the top-tier Patreon version.)
2a. In the beginning you will appear in the room with two zombies and two chests. Run to the left chest. There will be a dagger in it. Enter menu and equip it. Now you can fight with zombies by pressing button “a”.
2b. If you then face the clock on the wall and activate it (press enter), you’ll learn about a secret passage.
2c. Go talk to your father to find out how to unlock it.
2d. Return to the clock and chose 6-3-1.
2e. Go to the right side of the room, open the right chest to get the coins, then go down the stairs in the fountain.
2g. You’ll be in the iron mines under the village. Find the pickaxe on a box, then use it to break up the rockfall at the exit.
2h. You’ll emerge on the riverbank across from the south entrance to the military camp.

3. Our heroine will appear in walking dead city. There are two options. The first one is to run through this mess constantly pressing ‘a’ to the bottom of map to caravan. The second one will allow you to see two optional scenes and first bad end.
4. To see these scenes run to the top right corner of map and enter the house of guy, who calls you. Sit at the dining table. Our heroine (Pao) will get drunk and there will be three options to choose from. If you kick him, there will be bad end, fight – blowjob and wait – sex, but she still will be virgin, as I said it is a buggy mess

. To escape this house after sex, kill this guy, collect keys and dress in left room, some items in top right room, escape through the door in right room and go to the bottom of this map.
5. Run to the bottom of maps until you reach the city. There is a common problem, that you can’t exit building or enter new map. To resolve this issue, choose key item – white dress. If problem persists, choose key item – crystal ball.
6. When you reach the city go to the central building with two guards. Talk to lord and receive free ticket to the main inn. This inn is located in the top right corner of map.
7. Go to this inn, enter your room, wash (erotic scene). Go to sleep.

Now there will be main story and side events. Finish side story events before you reach the last event in the village (not the all story)

Main story events

8. Go to the medical tent at the top left corner and accept the mission. Then go to the blacksmith at the bottom right corner and also accept the mission.
9. Return to the walking dead city. During your travel to it collect herbs. When you enter the city go to the top left corner. There will be a blacksmith building. Enter it, collect iron, short sword and wood shield and equip them and exit building through the hole in wall. Then return to the camp and visit medical tent and blacksmith.
10. Talk again to blacksmith and he will tell you about Goshinko
11. Go and talk to the read bearded man near the fire. Then go to the bar. Talk to a black headed guy near counter. To receive info give him head or pay him.
12. Speak again to the guy near fire. Pay him or accept the mission.
13. To find black rose go to the river. In the bottom right corner, you will be able to swim and reach the cave. The rose will in the top right corner of cave. Return to Goshinko.
14. Finish your training with him.
15. Buy bronze plate and equip it.
16. After buying bronze plate and equipping it, go to lord accept the mission and go to the south exit.
17. While you scout the area do not talk to a girl in bottom left corner, or it will be a bad end
18. After finishing scouting missions, go to the river pose as a wash maid and get caught
19. After sex scenes, exit the cage and go to the top left corner. Find Holly. Then go to the bottom left corner. Fuck or kill orc and get the keys, then return to Holly. Then attack the Holly corpses and find the hole in the wall. Then talk to orc lord. There two options to fight or to flee.

I strongly advise to finish side events before you accept new missions in main story.

Side events

  • Talk to a guy in blacksmith. Accept his mission. You will be able iron in mines. The entrance is at outskirts of village at the top left corner. To mine iron, you will have to buy pickaxe and lamp in the store.
  • Talk to a big guy in the left side of the map. You will not be able to fuck him now. But it will be possible later.
  • To start hookers’ career, drink two times and two to a guy near the tent at the right side of the map at the evening. After several heads, there will be two options to fight or to submit. In case you choose submit he will turn Pao into whore. Then after several whoring evenings, there will be again two options. In case you choose submit, there will be a bad end. If someone will upload extra patreon version, there will be a possibility to continue whoring activities without pimp.
  • To start dancing career, enter the bar and talk to a girl near counter. To progress story dance for several days, accept patrons requests to go fully nude. Then Pao will dance half naked. Again, after several days, she will be able to start strippers’ career. After several pole dances, it is possible to buy music box (certainly in city, possibly in camp) to train and improve dance skills
  • Walk near guy at the bottom center table in the bar. There will be several scenes with him
  • At night buy two wines from a shady guy and go to the campfire. Lose several blackjack games and see new scenes
  • Sleep near top right building above the main inn and get Pao fucked.
  • Drink three times. And as text tells us you will have sex in brothel. But you will not be able to find it, believe me I checked js files)
  • After washing in main inn and finding hole in the wall, talk to girls in the morning. After sleeping several days in inn (and a few scenes), take a bath and tease guys. The next night Pao will give head at night. Then talk to a guy in this inn and choose to fuck him immediately or to fuck him at night.
  • Talk to girls and find out about washing maid. Talk to the head of the guards and work as wash maid.
  • To rent your own tent, talk to a bunny girl near bar. Pay her, and the next day talk to a guy who told you about goshinko. Pay him or give head for info.
  • Talk to Candy and buy rich dress. Then equip it and go to the luxury inn in the bottom left corner. Talk to owner. Accept the job. To unlock scenes with broken hearted guy talk to him while you work as maid. To unlock scenes with dead daughter sleep in this inn several times.
  • There is very buggy mission from guy in the bar regarding tentacle monster. This monster is located in the cave with a dark rose. You have to visit this cave at night. This mission has bad ending. Or just fish and you will soon get more fishing points which unlocks the monster oppotunity. On encountering the monster, the rpg battle style will kick in and on defeating it (if you lose, bad ending) you will get a tentacle and the killed monster will count as 2 fishes.

Now we return to main story events.J

20. After returning to camp talk to the lord Samborin. Then talk to orc shaman, candy, holly and blacksmith
21. My congratulations, now you can fuck big old guy
22. Then free the city from undead
23. After freeing the city, go to the main inn and talk to Ionna.
24. At the morning go and talk to candy
25. Check the statue in the middle of city, and find the new possible job
26. Accept old man job to rescue his daughter. Talk to everyone in city. Then talk to shady guy in bar. Then talk again to people in city. And then again to shady guy. Then buy lamp and go to to the well. The girl will be in the top left corner.
27. Return the girl to her dad
28. Go to your room to sleep in a rented house (not inn) should trigger abduction
29. sleep until you have enough dreams to talk to candy.
30. go to your room in a rented house (not inn) should trigger abduction
31. Sleep until you have enough dreams to talk to candy.

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