The Secret of the House [v1.D11]

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A collection of games by Discreen Vision

Developer: Discreen Vision Games – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v1.D11
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, adventure, animated, big ass, big tits, creampie, fantasy, male protagonist, milf, oral sex, parody, point & click, sandbox, strategy, vaginal sex

Extract and run

Day 10 for The secret of the house


-You wake up and you talk to Liza
-Go to Liza and talk with her

  • Ask around about a good recipe( Ask Eszter, Grandma and Debra for sure)
    -Go to the Shop and talk with Fodo, he gives you a recipe but you can not read
  • Ask around if someone can help, go to Liza to show her the recipe
    -She reads the recipe, now you can look for teh ingredients.
    -Pick up the orange juice in the classroom.
    -Go to the park and pick up the pink hyacinth
    -Go home and pick up a mushroom in the garden
    -Try to pick up the spider, you can not
    -Go to the backyard and pick up the blue tulip
    -Go to the kitchen and click on the refrigerator, Fred picks up the egg
    -Talk to Grandma, she needs a insecticide spray
  • Go to the park and click on the trash can, Fred found a insecticide spray
    -Go to the kitchen and give the spray to Grandma
    -Follow Grandma to the garden, she killed the poor spider
    -Pick up the spider
    -Go to the park, there is a small lake
    -You find Liza there, she is searching for the white flower you need
    -Clean the park, you need a rake and a rubbish bag
    -Go home and pick up the rubbish bag from the kitchen( under the sink)
    -Search for the rake in the storage room
    -Go to the park and clean up(check Liza if you like)
    -Throw out thrash in the trash can( park) when your bag is filled
    -After cleaning the lake Kitty appears
    -Small SCENE
    -Go to the shop
    -Talk to Svetlana, she gives you money
    -Small SCENE
    -Buy the Dry yeast in the supermarket
    -Go home and search for Debra
    -She is in the garden, ask her about a bowl
    -Go to the kitchen, there is the bowl on the table
    -Click on the bowl and prepare the cream
    -Go to Mr. Puli and click on the bowl with cream, Fred applies the cream on Mr.Puli
  • Watch out and click on the STOP button in time!
    -Go home and search for Debra, she is in the backyard
    -Talk with Debra, she gave you some housework
    -Go to the storage room and pick up the secateurs
    -Go to the Kitchen and pick up a rubbish bag
    -Go to the backyard and pick up the weeds
  • Click on the bushes to clean them( use the composting bin to throw out the trash)
    -Debra and Grandma talk in the backyard, click on them to talk


-Use the rake on the piles of earth
-Go to sleep

End of Day 8

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