Blue Is Better 2 – Tails of Azeroth Series [v0.81b]

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Second chapter of Blue is Better
Continue the adventures of Alexios(main human charater) with amazing draenei family​

Developer: Auril WebsiteSubscribeStarDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.81b
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Vaginal sex, Group sex, Fantasy

Extract and run

Fixed lighting gliches when Lumen disabled. – Luxia now not moving during scene near the waterfall – Celeste tits now fixed – Elywen tits fixed too – When you talk to Celeste second time after sex scene, you will no longer be teleported out of bounds ————– This update continues the big draenei saga with the quest continuing after Alex delivers the candid photos. Reminder that friendly reputation is required to trigger the event in the inn that grants Alex access to the big draenei’s house in the first place. With this update, BiB2 was upgraded to UE5. Despite Auril spending over a week of finding and repairing issues, there might still be something left to polish, so please report it. The setting for the new Lumen lighting can be found in the options. It’s recommended to use “Resolution option 50%” with AND WITHOUT Lumen GI. Please report scenes that appear too dark on any settings since the lighting is still a work in progress. We also received updated nelf, belf and human female models from Bangfri and they were implemented in the new content. – Fixed underwater cave crash bug – Fixed the dialogue between Alex, Luxia and Melona in the tavern – Fixed double fade in sex scenes – Fixed money not saving (edited) Game can be saved at any spot by pressing Z. This feature is still in test phase, please report if issues occur. Speedhack is not working in the cooked game for some reason, requires more research. DX12 is the default for UE5 so the game is now shipped with that as default. No info if -dx11 shortcut edit works.

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