FarmD [v1.1.5]

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FarmD is a NSFW furry VR game where you engage in some lewd shenanigans with your dragon friend. It also has a desktop mode for people who don’t have all the fancy VR gear.

Developer: Softscale – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.1.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, character creation, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, furry, monster, vaginal sex, virtual reality

Extract and run

Gryphon friend!


  • Added a new partner species, the gryphon. Species can be changed in the Body tab of the Character Menu.


  • A number of backend changes to character rigs were made in order to support species swapping, and to lay the groundwork for custom character imports later. Hopefully nothing got horribly broken.
  • If the Character menu was opened from the Pause menu, the Back button will now return to the Pause menu instead of going back to the save file select menu.


  • Fixed a bug where equipping or unequipping items on your partner, then opening the character menu, would cause the equip/unequip action to be reverted.
  • Fixed a minor issue where your partner would look too far up or down when running on a slope.
  • Reverted a minor optimization for colliders when you were some distance from your partner, since it was causing a number of physics issues for minimal performance gain.
  • Added support for some Korean characters to the font pack, which was preventing some supporters’ names from rendering correctly.


  • The player’s tail can get kinked up or stuck at odd angles, particularly if it is colliding with something when the save file is loaded.
  • Some of gryphon’s animations currently look a bit odd due to the slightly different proportions and genital placement of this model compared to drake’s. These issues will be addressed at a later time, when the new penetration system is added in v1.2.x and animations are reworked.


  • For consistency with other activities, your partner will no longer bend over automatically when you walk near their ass.


  • Fixed an issue where you were still allowed to walk around while in some sex positions or interactions that should restrict your movement.
  • Fixed a bug where equipment would sometimes fail to appear on your partner the first time they were equipped.


  • The sitting surface calibration is now required on the first time playing the game, since leaving it at the default values can cause clipping issues in some positions, particularly with the crate. All players will need to re-set their sitting surface height/position, since there was no easy way to determine if this had already been done or not.
  • Changed the trigger for getting your partner to open their mouth – there is now a grabbable area on their chin that will trigger the mouth opening, rather than needing to play around with their lips.
  • Adjusted some physics properties for the player’s feet when using full-body tracking, to hopefully reduce some floatiness issues.


  • Fixed a bug where the collider you grab to unequip items like the saddle and belly rig was not attached to your partner’s body, causing it to be incorrectly positioned in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the male drake’s lip blend shapes were incorrectly affecting some vertices in their throat.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that was causing fingers to not bend for users with non-Knuckles controllers.
  • Fixed some issues with the save file menu that could make files difficult to select.
  • Fixed an issue where your feet were allowed to be controlled by foot trackers in some situations where they shouldn’t be, causing some issues with knees getting bent the wrong way.

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