Shattered Leave a Comment on Shattered [v0.12]
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Shattered [v0.12]

You play as Blake Blinn, an unlucky guy who had to grow up in slums, but didn’t really find his…

Irresistible Johnson [v0.01] Leave a Comment on Irresistible Johnson [v0.01]
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Irresistible Johnson [v0.01]

What’s it about? Lab accident > Super Penis > Curse, not a blessing. The goal of the game is rather…

Oppai Odyssey [v0.3] Leave a Comment on Oppai Odyssey [v0.3.3]
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Oppai Odyssey [v0.3.3]

You are the captain of spaceship and your crew is a bunch of cute girls. Explore your spaceship and build…

My Sincere Desire [Ep. 1- Demo] Leave a Comment on My Sincere Desire [Ep. 1- Demo]
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My Sincere Desire [Ep. 1- Demo]

You wake up in the hospital with strange sensations. Many things have happened in the world since the last time…

A New Beginning [Ch. 1-7] Leave a Comment on A New Beginning [Ch. 1-9]
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A New Beginning [Ch. 1-9]

A young young man who left everything behind when he was a teenager, has now begun to reorganize all the…

Takei’s Journey [v0.1] Leave a Comment on Takei’s Journey [v0.1]
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Takei’s Journey [v0.1]

The Takei clan had a normal civilian life for centuries, but their historical enemy have finally come to attack and…

The Star Cove Incident Leave a Comment on The Star Cove Incident [v0.05a]
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The Star Cove Incident [v0.05a]

Star Cove A small fishing town near the sea with an approximate population of 400 people. live and die by the…

Strive: Conquest [v0.4.0b] Leave a Comment on Strive: Conquest [v0.5.0c]
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Strive: Conquest [v0.5.0c]

A tech demo of sequel for Strive for Power. This game represents core changes and mechanics of the second game,…

ArronHD [v0.1.0] Leave a Comment on ArronHD [v0.1.2]
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ArronHD [v0.1.2]

This is a story about a typical guy who still lives with his mom and due to unexpected circumstances will…

Happenstance [v1.80] Leave a Comment on Happenstance [v1.85]
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Happenstance [v1.85]

Central cities are the epitome of wealth, pro-waste and technological strength. A city considered a global superpower. You live in…

Candyman [v0.36] Leave a Comment on Candyman [v0.36]
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Candyman [v0.36]

When your father died, he left you a lucrative family business, which your mother took care of. So you and…

Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. 16] Leave a Comment on Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. 17 SE]
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Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. 17 SE]

When you met Vicki all those years ago, you had great fun together. She already had a young daughter, Jenna,…

Secret Care Cafe [v0.4.81 Public] Leave a Comment on Secret Care Cafe [v0.5.01 Public]
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Secret Care Cafe [v0.5.01 Public]

In the Secret Care Cafe you are the owner of the new cafe in town. But it’s not your everyday…

Kuroinu: Rebellion [v2.8.3 – System Overhaul Update] Leave a Comment on Kuroinu: Rebellion [v2.8.3 – System Overhaul Update]
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Kuroinu: Rebellion [v2.8.3 – System Overhaul Update]

A Hentai, Dating, RPG Adventure (Fan Game) Based off of Studio Liquids Visual Novel, and Majin Labels Anime of Kuroinu:…

Under Shmunder [v0.17A] Leave a Comment on Under Shmunder [v0.17A]
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Under Shmunder [v0.17A]

A young man turns out to be locked in a bunker with an unknown girl. Your task is to survive…