Takei’s Journey [v0.1] Leave a Comment on Takei’s Journey [v0.1]
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Takei’s Journey [v0.1]

The Takei clan had a normal civilian life for centuries, but their historical enemy have finally come to attack and…

The Lewd Knight [v0.39] Leave a Comment on The Lewd Knight [v0.39]
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The Lewd Knight [v0.39]

One girl in a big city. There are enormous difficulties on her way, but she has big heart and big……

ArronHD [v0.1.0] Leave a Comment on ArronHD [v0.1.2]
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ArronHD [v0.1.2]

This is a story about a typical guy who still lives with his mom and due to unexpected circumstances will…

Happenstance [v1.80] Leave a Comment on Happenstance [v1.85]
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Happenstance [v1.85]

Central cities are the epitome of wealth, pro-waste and technological strength. A city considered a global superpower. You live in…

Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. 16] Leave a Comment on Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. 17 SE]
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Thirsty for My Guest [Ep. 17 SE]

When you met Vicki all those years ago, you had great fun together. She already had a young daughter, Jenna,…

Wicked Paradise Leave a Comment on Wicked Paradise [v0.10]
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Wicked Paradise [v0.10]

Take control of a young man who struggles to find a place in the world and doesn’t know what lies…

SunSity [v1.25] Leave a Comment on SunSity [v1.40]
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SunSity [v1.40]

Our game is not a familiar visual novel. This is an erotic sandbox with survival elements. The game is actively…

Galaxy Police Highway Patrol : Slaves of Osiris Leave a Comment on Galaxy Police Highway Patrol : Slaves of Osiris [v0.22]
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Galaxy Police Highway Patrol : Slaves of Osiris [v0.22]

In the distant future, humanity has conquered the stars and settled throughout the galaxy under the leadership of the Emperor,…

53x – Homecoming Leave a Comment on 53x – Homecoming [v0.1.5 Patreon supporter]
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53x – Homecoming [v0.1.5 Patreon supporter]

Agent 53x is a visual novel that starts with you as the male protagonist has been away to a private…

Twisted World Leave a Comment on Twisted World [v0.3]
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Twisted World [v0.3]

What if you suddenly woke up in a parallel dimension? A dimension where women rule the world and all the…

Public Sex Life H Leave a Comment on Public Sex Life H [v0.29 Public]
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Public Sex Life H [v0.29 Public]

Hi, I’m Paradice, I’m currently in the process of making a Trainer type game, filled with many different characters. All/most…

Lost in lust Leave a Comment on Lost in lust [Prologue-Alpha]
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Lost in lust [Prologue-Alpha]

You play as a woman who moves to L.A to make her dreams of becoming an international movie star come…

Contact [v0.7.0] Leave a Comment on Contact [v0.7.0]
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Contact [v0.7.0]

The main character Mike comes in the summer to see his grandmother. She runs a local store, but things are…

Astral Lust Leave a Comment on Astral Lust [v0.1.5c]
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Astral Lust [v0.1.5c]

You have awakened in a world you recognize no more, amidst unexplainable darkness and omnipresent madness. Terrifying apocalypse gave birth…

Corruption of Champions II [v0.3.38] Leave a Comment on Corruption of Champions II [v0.3.44]
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Corruption of Champions II [v0.3.44]

One, called Mareth, was perhaps the heart of them all. Cracks in the space between worlds, called portals, all seemed…