Broken Reality RPG [v3.2.3] Leave a Comment on Broken Reality RPG [v3.2.3]
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Broken Reality RPG [v3.2.3]

It is was very much inspired by Planescape Torment, it’s more RPG than eroge, but it does have its fair…

Roundscape Adorevia Leave a Comment on Roundscape Adorevia [v5.5]
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Roundscape Adorevia [v5.5]

So the game starts out in one of 5 ways of your choice, eventually you end up in a small…

Project Skyward [v1.20c] Leave a Comment on Project Skyward [v1.20c]
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Project Skyward [v1.20c]

Embark on a journey as Yoshiko to become a renown hero; this brave new adventurer is forced to travel beyond…

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Good at School [Beta 0.2]

This is “Good At School” … A game that take place in a girl only adult school… emphasis on adult…

Rina: Elementalists of Manahold [v0.1.9] Leave a Comment on Rina: Elementalists of Manahold [v0.1.9]
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Rina: Elementalists of Manahold [v0.1.9]

Follow Rina on an adventure through a magical world. After being accepted to study magical elements, Rina finds herself in…

Corrupted Kingdoms Leave a Comment on Corrupted Kingdoms [v0.10.4]
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Corrupted Kingdoms [v0.10.4]

You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your…

Kronos Time Titan Leave a Comment on Kronos Time Titan [v0.892.5]
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Kronos Time Titan [v0.892.5]

An erotic adult RPG strategy adventure through time: Kronos Time Titan allows you to explore the sandbox of time where…

Astral Lust Leave a Comment on Astral Lust [v0.1.6c]
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Astral Lust [v0.1.6c]

You have awakened in a world you recognize no more, amidst unexplainable darkness and omnipresent madness. Terrifying apocalypse gave birth…

Dawn of Corruption [v0.4.7] Leave a Comment on Dawn of Corruption [v0.4.7]
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Dawn of Corruption [v0.4.7]

Dawn of Corruption is a Dark Fantasy M/M NSFW RPG. Your village is attacked by strange beast who seem to…

OneShota Dragon: A World Full of Busty Girls! [Final] Leave a Comment on OneShota Dragon: A World Full of Busty Girls! [Final]
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OneShota Dragon: A World Full of Busty Girls! [Final]

Twins Cron and Croa lived peacefully in the forest, but when Croa doesn’t return from exploring a nearby cave, Cron…

LonaRPG [v0.] Leave a Comment on LonaRPG [v0.5.4.4]
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LonaRPG [v0.5.4.4]

Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG. Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who…

Pugna's Quest: Monster Girl Adventure Leave a Comment on Pugna’s Quest: Monster Girl Adventure [v0.2.2a]
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Pugna’s Quest: Monster Girl Adventure [v0.2.2a]

The story is set in a fantasy world filled with humans, magic, monsters and monster girls. You take control of…

Why me? Leave a Comment on Why me? [v0.2.5.5]
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Why me? [v0.2.5.5]

Simple life, busy work, unbearable need to relax in beautiful tropical places. Typical desire of any person. This story is…

Royalty [v.0.1.0] Leave a Comment on Royalty [v.0.1.0]
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Royalty [v.0.1.0]

‘Royalty’ is an adult RPG with the rich story about a fictional world reminiscent of our Middle Ages. Average playing…

The Promise Leave a Comment on The Promise [v0.65]
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The Promise [v0.65]

You play as a man aged forty who has given his family a lot of promises. And now it’s time…