The Bindmancer [Build 2021-10-29]

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The Bindmancer:
you play as a hero who enters into a ever shifting dungeon of delights in order to save heroes who fell to the traps and dangers that lurk within!​

Developer: Caroo – PatreonSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: Build 2021-10-29
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2d game, female protagonist, tentacles, big ass, big tits, bdsm, combat, teasing, monsters, monster girl, animated

Extract and run

What’s new in this build?
Randomized Dungeon Levels:
The layout each time you play the level is different.
Exit Portal Pickups: Allows you to teleport directly to the exit portal, but only once you’ve freed enough prisoners to use the exit portal.

Stamina drain is a bit easier on the player now and doesn’t drain when a beat mistake is made.
Tentacle traps UI doesn’t flash so brightly and obnoxiously now.
Golems now also drop keys and exit portal pickups.
A bunch of smaller bug fixes.

What bugs are known:
Enemies move through each other and the player. We’re working on it.

Sometimes the level generates a dungeon tile on top of another one. If that happens then restart the level.

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