Broken & Loved [v0.7.10.2]

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Rei, (Default name.) the main character, is a girl or guy who travel from their town to the city to study the career of photography in the university. Rei is active, lively and has a radiant personality, what they like, the way that they think about certain topics and how innocent they are depends on you, the player. Rei wants to study hard, have good notes and complete their career, love is not something in their plan, however, that changes when a clumsy girl appear in their life…

They meet Evangeline, a shy girl who appears to be nervous about everything. At the beginning you don’t know what is the deal with her, why she acts defensive all the time, don’t talk too much or is reserved about herself, something that with the time changes. Spend time with Evangeline, talk with her using different dialogue options, be part of cute events that sometimes deal with every day occurrences and other times with problems, have small interactions with her that improve her self-esteem and see how she opens more to you every day. With the time you can become more intimate with her, not only emotionally, also physically…​

Developer: Studio 781 – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac , Linux
Language: Spanish & English (MTL)
Genre: Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Date sim, Romance, Simulation

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on the .exe file to start playing.

– The first important event has been rewritted, with better writting and a more down to earth event development throuhg the event.
– 60+ Dialogues added to the sandbox section, between daily conversations and physical interactions. Avalible after the second important event.
– New backgrounds for the in-game menu that change depending of the character on screen.
– Unknown characters names translated (Special thanks to Ditto for this).
Known bugs and errors:
– Continuity errors because the rewritting of the first event.

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