FutaYuri Stories: Dark Taboos [v1.6]

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This is a sandbox game, where I can showcase my works in form of stories, with 3d images, animations, and plenty dialogues. The content of this game is intended to be the most depraved, with only focus on yuri/futa, and display my darkest fetishes: it’s very very heavy and clearly not for everyone, so please don’t play it if you’re only curious. The game takes place in a uchronia where futanaris thrive. You can explore in a omniscient pov (no MC) all facets of this new world.
If you are disgusted by certain fetishes or characters but there is still some content appealing to you, you could always choose in the story mode the only content you want to see, ignoring other stuff.​

Developer: LvdvE PatreonPixiv FanboxPixivDiscordSubscribeStar (I prefer Fanbox or Patreon)
Censored: No
Version: 1.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Corruption, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Futa/Trans, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian, Loli, Masturbation, Religion, Scat, Urination, ahegao, anal sex, group sex, oral sex, vaginal sex, prostitution, drugs, lactation, milf, virgin

Download and extract the safe game normally.
For those who want the full content (very extreme), download the patch and extract the game folder where you should. Replace everything if needed.
Or if there is, just download the update if you have already a previous “full” version.

2 new scenes with Mavia the old nun (another one is coming soon, just unfinished dialogue) and 1 new scene in Neya’s house . Then, I introduced a new feature coming in the notebook, the gallery and the store. It adds a new gameplay, to find some items in the various areas, you can then sell them to gain points and buy the gallery scenes or the corrupted bios of some characters. What you can find in the gallery are mostly the monthly pics of my Patreon, but integrated properly in scenes. There’s 2 scenes (one has scat optional). Finally, there’s other scenes and content but not in the safe version here.
It is very advised to start a new game rather than using old saves.

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This game contains Extreme Contents. Read comments for more details or take a look at my pixiv to know what to expect. In a nutshell, download at your own risk.




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