Lab Rats 2 [v0.48.1]

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This set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy. The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.​



– Removed daily aspect price variability.
– Removed operating cost at serum tier 0, halved all other costs.
– Added HUD text showing opperating costs in addition to salary costs.
– Market reach gain has been increased by a factor of 5.
– Updated chat and sepcific actions list to support modder additions. Tidied up how those Actions are called. Append Actions to chat_actions or specific_actions after init -1 to have them appear in the appropriate chat column.
– Removed top two Attention reducing business policies (moved to City rep storyline events).
– Added one attention reducing business policy to city rep storyline. Unlocked by having high Love.
– Added one attention bleed increasing business policy. Unlocked with special trance tranining option.
– Added special uniform trance training option for city rep.
– Added multiple ways to avoid or lesson penalties levied when visited by city rep due to high Attention.
– Added early game event that has you discover several old doses of serum (based on LR1 designs)
– Added salon visit to the shopping date. Allows you to suggest new hair styles or colours to a girl.
– Added new random texting event.
– Added new office timed event.
– Added “current contracts” column to the contracts selection screen to make it easier to swap contracts.
– Added “view contracts” button to serum deisgn page to make it easier to design serums for specific contracts.
– Added ability to spend large amounts of Clarity to unlock new research tiers. Should speed up the early game in particular.
– Added opportunity to train girls if they’re in a trance after you come back to their place (unless the event forces you to leave early).
– Lowered top end of contract aspect requirements slightly it easier (especially at low research tiers) to complete them.
– Manual synthesis side effect does not increase Flaw aspect now to match it’s thematic description.
– Contract attention requirements now consider attention reducing business traits.


– Fixed bug in opinion trainables that was causing some menu options to be displayed when they were already known.

– Fixed crash when an attention event causes your inventory to be seized.

– Updated some incorrect tooltips.



Please use spoilers for all bug reports – or they may be deleted!!!
New game is required on every update.





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