Lewd Maze [v0.7.205a]

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Lewd Maze (formerly Corrupted Dungeon) is an Isometric dungeon crawler with turnbased pixel fighting part, with some nice in-battle sex. You have two main characters for now, tanned neko and elf girl. And some cute NPCs~ Some of them will have their own H-scenes and will be able to temporarily join you party in battle, as story will progress.

Dungeon itself is constantly changing, unstable structure. (randomly generated, yes) It was filled by only dust and old bones for hundred of years, but now tis suddenly exploded with life, filling with awesome treasures – and swarming with various perverted creatures, corrupting minds and setting in heat anyone who dare to set foot inside. It is classic isometric with cute sprites and various awesome objects to explore and to plunder.​

Developer/Publisher: Shanbahak
Censorship: No
Version: 0.7.205a
OS: Win, Linux
Language: English
Genre: dungeon crawler, monstergirl, futanari, mind control, corruption

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “launcher.exe” to start playing.


-Added more CGs / variations to 2nd rankup quest, Weregirl capture, now its done and looks great. Slightly nerfed weregirl too, fight still hard but not super hard.
-Added few fixes to standalone versions packed with Java, should fix msot crashes.
-Reworked archers skills a bit, now they apply some good debuffs depending on class.
-Finished Elf x Weregirl face cut-in and couple minor details, now its done
-Added Imp merchant tent in normal dungeon, instead of recovery fountain. Tent allows you to Save your dungeon progress – items collected, exp and other things, so you wont lose stuff if you lose. Later on she will also have extra cool scenes.
-Added 2nd rankup quest, Weregirl capture. You need to be Adventurer and have 200+ guild points to take it.
This quest has currently omly 1 awesome threesome CG scene, but we’ll add couple variations soon. Had to slightly balance Weregirl parameters, since she was too OP. Now this fight is actually winnable, but you need good equip.
-Added a bit more items to craft, yay. Now you have more options to spend items dropped from succubi.

-Added Kaeryn NPC for town and added secondary meeting scene with CGs in tavern. You need to be Rank2 adventurer and meet her in dungeon/do her quest first. This event will be prerequisite to wrapping final boss in 1-3 dungeon.
-Added health and mana potion crafting for player mansion and a bit of extra highlights for crafting process.
-Edited couple town events and quests to cleanup some bugs.
Still working on battle part for Minotaur and Kaeryn~

-Finally added consumable with working skills and spells attached. Now you can craft some cool scrolls – for healing, buffing / debuffing, some damage.
And ofc, now you can craft working self-debuff potions to grab dem sweet lewds 24/7.
No more waiting for enemy to randomly fire debuff spell, just chug some potions down and get all the loving you want.
-Added lvls and lvl restrictions to skills, now we should be able to make proper progress with characters leveling up and opening more skills for player. Still, need to think carefully about corrent lvl route to open them, because this stuff can throw last bits of class balance away.
-Added some minor tweaks and details to VN part in town, like for example in latest Kaeryn male NPC now has shadow shape and even his own gestures. Still working on battle sprites, mino needs mage class attack and KO frame etc. But we’re also doing like 3-4 lewds at same time and dullahan merc. A bit slow since we’re trying to do everything at once, i quess.

-Added feature to invite friends (mercs with completed quests) to brothel, and added Smith brothel animation main loop with futa / male partners
-Added couple traps to 2 stage with animations, no specific stage gameover yet
-Added few new objects and loot to 2nd stage, not completed yet, but should give you an idea of how it will go.
Needs balancing and separating loot for mobs, currently only objects and chests drop new crafting mats.
-Added few more crafting recipes, make sure you have highest adventurer rank. Note currently only cat barbarian and elf priest have new weapons.
New stuff like berry jelly consumables added, recovers in percentage. It may need additional balancing as it feels too OP, i think?

-Added 1-3 Substage and minotaur boss fight. Find suspicios chalice in one of rooms, ir should start fight with minotaur mage.
-Added lewds for mino mage and gameover CG and some moans for X elf scene. Still needs a lot of balance and may be buggy, some animations may be missing.
You may notice Kaeryn in group gameover, thats because she is supposed to join you for this fight as merc, we’ll add her next update.
-Added new timer mechanics to game, one of chalice objects in 1-3 should trigger countdown during mino fight.
Its currently just a test, but it should be implemented for some quests and fights soon.
-Added no-money rest scene for Imp merchant tent. Someone has to move in with her, for start it should be elf

The 64-bit version of Java is required to run this game. The game will prompt you to download Java but open the 32-bit download page. Manually download the 64-bit version here.

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