Mystic Knight Maya [v0.2g]

Mystic Knight Maya [v0.2a]

While exploring the island you will encounter its many inhabitants that wish to only do harm to the main character, but you will also meet some neutral NPCs that might help or hinder your journey.
It’s a 2D action platformer with some light metroidvania elements, such as non-linear exploration, inventory system, special skills, dialogue, etc. You will start the game on the beaches of a mysterious island and from there you will be able to explore it at your leisure, trying to find a way to escape from it and discovering its mysteries.
Developer: MegaBlueBall
Censored: No
Version: 0.2d
OS: Windows
Language: English

+ Added a new stage: Castle’s Upper Floors
-> There is a new locked gate in the castle which requires a key. The key is obtained from a chest after defeating the minotaur.
-> The princess chambers are located here (future boss location), but be careful not to get lost in the hallways trying to get there…
-> Be warned of the [???], and you will regret touching the [???] as well.

+ Added a new enemy: Centaur Girl
-> She spawns from [redacted] in the castle, but her natural habitat is in the hills preceding the city (altought she is still a rare sight there).
-> Will kick with her hind legs when Maya is nearby, and perform a charging attack with her spear if Maya is careless.
-> Has 2 ero scenes:
-> Anal Vore (vore tag)
-> Oral Sex (lesbian/yuri tag)

+ Added a new enemy: Ghost Butler
-> He’s located in the new area of the castle, mostly inside the [redacted].
-> Will spawn random objects to throw at Maya from afar, usually with great force.
-> Has 2 ero scenes:
-> Footjob (foot fetish tag)
-> Cowgirl position (vanilla tag)

* Added a golden chest in the arena, which can be opened after defeating the boss. It contains a key item (literally) that opens the upper floors of the castle.
* Increased the loop amount during ero scenes across the board, and reduced some of the damage during those scenes (this system will change in the future)
* Updated debug key F9: It now also unlocks all of the skills/abilities currently avaliable in the game that Maya can use (but has not picked up yet).
* Fixed spikes hazards doing a flat amount of damage instead of percentile damage (based on Maya’s current max health) as they should.
* Fixed a bug that caused Maya to not scream when she fell into death pits, and fixed some other corner cases regarding these pits as well.
* Other minor/undocumented fixes and changes.

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