Now & Then [v0.24.0]

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Now & Then is a story of Jack (or a name of your choosing) Brooks, a widower who lives with his adopted teenage daughter, Carol, during the aftermath of a global pandemic. Throughout the story, players witness the string of events that finds Jack adopting Carol and how they grow into a family unit before the collapse of civilized society. Inspired by Stephen King’s The Stand and numerous zombie movies and books, Now & Then is a tale of survivors learning to cope with life as it comes to them.

Developer: ILSProductions Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.24.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, Horror, Honey Select, Mobile Game, Handjob, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Virgin, Animated, Titfuck, Masturbation, Anal, Harem, Incest

Extract and run


  • Added Chapter 24
  • Fixed minor typos
  • Fix missing flag while having relations with Carol in Ch23
  • Fix missing flag while confiding in Naomi in Ch23
  • Fix incorrect flag while talking with Alice about Ted in Ch23
  • Fix a string code that makes you have no shower visitors in Ch21 when both Carol and Naomi have the same love points.
  • Fixed an errant tag that gives Alice the Lover flag in Ch20

Now and Then v0.21 Walk-through
The intent of this guide is to get you the most points with the
girls, but is primarily a Carol run-through. There are alternate
dialog trees throughout the game, however this walk-through will give
you the most points, and probably be more useful in the future as the
game develops. If you want to see it all, play the game with the
“bad” choices, in an alternate save, to see what happens in those
dialog trees. This Developer does a lot of work with the dialog, and
lots of changes to the dialog occur if you make particular choices.
As you go through the game, some choices will give you one or all of
these things; Points, Alternate Dialog, and Additional Dialog.
There are four types of points (stats):
Love: This is, of course, a measure of each girl’s feelings for the
MC (Jack). Right now, this doesn’t have a noticeable impact on the
story. It will, in the future, help shape the course of the game’s
endings. Also, there will be choices later in the story where you may
have to “spend” these points if you don’t choose Carol.
Trust: This is earned by being honest with each girl about your
situation. The more you treat her like an adult, the more she trusts
you. Often, the decisions that earn Trust also earns Nerve. Trust
points will impact future conversations and actions.
Nerve: This is a measure of each girl’s nervousness about the world
around her. The more you confide in her, or the more she sees the
dangers for herself, the more stress she’ll feel. This may make her
more cautious, or more of a paranoid person depending on her
Conflict: As you may have noticed, there is an uneasiness between
Alice and Naomi. While they are family, Naomi feels there’s a bit of
competition between them. This is actually a measure of the tension between Alice and Naomi in terms of how they both interact with Jack.
This stat may have as much an impact on Naomi as it does Alice.
Understanding the choices (IE. how to read this guide):
Choice Text (IE. what you are choosing)
Choice with most positive outcome
Choice with least positive outcome
Choice is a Coin Toss, you must choose your own path, no choice is
inherently better, but may provide drastically different outcomes or
Alternate Dialog: Dialog that is different, and you wont get to see
any other way unless you make this choice. An example of this might
be if see the bandits in CH4 instead of going bra shopping. Later
you will have an internal dialog when you see them on the street at
night and you will be able to identify them since you saw them
earlier in the day.
Additional Dialog: This is dialog that is in addition to what is
normally said. For example, you have a scene, and then if you made
enough right choices, you will get some additional lines of dialog
which enhances or alters the conversation in some way.
The MC:
•Jack: Jack is put together at the beginning of the game but he
was a wreck before he met Carol. He was married to Lori, and she
died and he fell apart. Then a 13 year old Carol was adopted and
he got his life put back together. He prepared a little for rough
times so when the end of the world hit, he was prepared better
than most. He is a sentimental, loving guy who will protect those
he loves.
The Girls:
•Lori: The former wife of the MC and an elementary school
teacher. She died of cancer about a year before Jack adopted
Carol. You will see her exclusively in flashbacks.
•Julie: A good friend of Lori and Jack’s, and a school teacher.
She is married to Tony and recently had a son, Kenny.
•Missy: A social worker, and friend of Julie’s. She handled the
case of a 13 year old Carol who was looking to be adopted.
•Carol: The now 18 year old adopted daughter of the MC. She is
protective of her father and will do everything to keep him safe.
She loves him dearly and even to this day is seeking his approval
and love, no matter what she says. She is also a lot stronger
than even she realizes.
•Naomi : An 18 year old best friend of Carol. They met in school
and have been friends since they were 13, and have been thick as thieves, getting into all sorts of mischief. Naomi is the
instigator, and likes to stir the pot and make people more
uncomfortable, and talks a lot of shit, but is still innocent.
She has trust issues, especially with her mother. If you get her
alone, she becomes less abrasive, and really is looking to be
loved from a father figure, as her father didn’t give much to her.
•Alice: The mother of Naomi, and a surrogate mother of Carol.
She is a loving mother and married to Ted, who seems to be a
little remote. She loves to keep a good household and hopes one
day to be treated with some affection due to her husband not being
that loving to her.
•Sydney: A mid twenties nurse who was trapped during the outbreak
in the city. Her family told her to stay at the elementary
school, and she has been living there waiting for her family to
show up since. She is independent but loves her family. She is
not that trusting of strangers.
•Hana: The oldest daughter of a rich tech millionaire. She is
intelligent and used to getting things her own way. Since the
start of the outbreak, she has been living on her own and isn’t
sure what her best course of action is, living alone and being in
charge or trusting others.
Start of the Game
“You can help around the building.”:
You get Carol Trust and Nerve +1
“No, it’s not safe.”:
You end up at the same place (she does the work) just
trusts you less
The End of Chapter 1
“Tell her.”:
Longer talk & Carol Trust and Nerve +1
“Distract her.”:
Shorter talk, no stats
“Fess up.”:
Trust +1, Love +1
“Don’t admit to anything.”:
Trust -1
“Give her the details.”:
Trust +1″Yada-yada-yada…”:
shorter, alternate text, No stats
The End of Chapter 2
Carol is going to try on 4 outfits as part of this scene. If you
pick the right answer for all 4 correctly you get +1 love and some
additional dialog.
Correct Choice
“It’s nice.”:
No Points Awarded
“It’s looks good.”:
No Points Awarded
“You look wonderful in it.”:
Correct Choice
“It’s okay.”:
Correct Choice
“It looks great”:
No Points Awarded
“It looks nice.”:
No Points Awarded
Correct Choice
You get a choice of outfits to wear home after this scene. It really
doesn’t matter you just get different random renders back home with
Carol wearing what you picked. Pick what you like.
You are now going to start an event, which starts with two choices
(left/right) which one way gets you more points, but the other may be
more important in the future (don’t know yet).
“Left: Start heading back now.”:
See some bandits, alternate dialog later due to knowing who the
bandits are, and that they are working in your neighborhood.
“Right: See if I can get Carol something at Burgundy Petals.”:
Go to the store to get a bra for Carol, and some points
“Check out the noise.”:
Pick for possibility of Love +1 and Nerve +1
“Go to my right.”:
You shoot an infected, and don’t end up bloody
(different dialog at home)”Go to my left.”:
You end up bloody and stab an infected with your
machete. You got a bra without making a lot of noise,
so you will get Love +1 and Nerve +1 when home. This
also helps with Sydney in Chapter 12.
“Be smarter than the people in movies: Leave.”:
You leave with nothing and go home
The End of Chapter 3
“Stay here and tend to the stove.”:
alternate dialog
“Send her to Roy’s to get supplies.”:
Trust +1
“Let Carol choose.”:
Trust +1 (if you followed this guide, and trust >=3,
additional dialog will be displayed)
“Take care of it in the morning.”:
Tomorrow you will clean up the body on the street. You
miss out on a scene for getting food. If you are playing
for points with girls – don’t pick this.
“Maybe later. I have better things to worry about.”:
You scrounge for food at the store, and may have future
impact based on usage of the flag being set that the body
is still there. You get a chance to clean it up in a few
days with zero impact, plus you get to see the food
This is a series event where you are drinking with Carol. One way
gives you more points, the other lets you just go and jerk off (which
you will do anyway)
“Gotta go before I go too far.”:
Run to the bathroom to jerk off
“I can’t help myself. It feels so good.”:
You continue Making out
“I need to stop right here before we go too far.”:
Run to the Bathroom to jerk off
“Just a little more. It feels so good.”:
Make out more with Carol, and Love +1, you end up Jerking
off anyways
The End of Chapter 4″Leave it alone.”:
Alternate Dialog
“Try the door.”
Additional Dialog and Nerve +1
“Be patient with her.”:
Alternate Dialog, Nerve -1, Trust +1
“Try the door.”:
Alternate Dialog, Nerve +1
“Fondle her.”:
You grope her, Additional Dialog
“No, it’s not safe.”:
You don’t grope her, Alternate Dialog
At this point you can have sex with Carol. The next section tells
you how to get the most bang for your buck. You cannot do an
infinite loop, so only pick Finger and Oral Sex one time (one run
through of each option), and then go on to the next. If she gets off
3 times (Oral, Fingering, Sex), there is an additional Love point +1
and additional dialog. So make her happy and make her cum a lot 🙂
“Go down on her.”:
If you pick this you will go down on Carol, then have the
option to finger her. You will miss out on
additional/alternate dialog.
“Finger her.”:
If you pick this you will finger Carol, then have the
option to go down on her. You will get
additional/alternate dialog along the way to match the
choice pairing.
If you Go Down on Carol, and haven’t fingered her first, you get this
“Move on to fingering her.”:
Best choice as you get her off again, and can get an
additional Love point after you have sex.
“Make love to her.”:
You have sex, but she doesn’t get off 3 times, and less
Love points for you
If you Fingered Carol, and haven’t Gone Down on her first, you get
this choice:
“Go down on her.”:
Best choice as you get her off again, and can get an
additional Love point after you have sex.”Make love to her”:
You have Sex, but she doesn’t get off 3 times, and less
Love points for you
At this point you have sex, you get Love +1 and Sex +1 (used later
for alternate/additional dialog). If Carol got off 3 times, you get
an additional Love +1
The End of Chapter 5
If you did not move the body in chapter 4, you will be asked:
“Yeah, go move him.”:
You take care of the body, then have breakfast with Carol (just
like the other choice). While you don’t miss out on any dialog,
if you are playing for points with the girls, don’t pick this,
as you miss out on points in CH 7.
“Put it off. Breakfast is waiting to be made.”:
You just go and have breakfast with Carol. There is no negative
at the moment for not doing it, and no flags set if you don’t.
You are given one of three options. They are separate scenes and
have different outcomes, and nested options. There is a flag set
about Naomi’s Guilt which can add additional dialog later. Remember,
the more gunshots (IE. loud) you create, the more infected that come.
Also later in the game – the more gunshots you shoot – the more the
bad things happen to your neighborhood.
“Wait for an opening.”:
You wait a while, to assess the situation. You get the same two
choices as below (Rambo, Gunfire is bad) and you eventually get
Naomi Love +1 and Naomi Trust +1.
“Go Rambo: Fire on them.”:
You open fire, and attract the Infected. The more bullets
in subsequent choices you fire, the more Infected that
come. If you straight up execute the bandit to ease his
pain, you get a Naomi Nerve +1. You get some additional
dialog later as well.
“Gunfire is a bad idea. Scare them off.”:
Best choice as you scare off the bad guys, no bullets
fired, and no one is hurt.
“Go Rambo: Fire on them.”:
You open fire, and attract the Infected. The more bullets in
subsequent choices you fire, the more Infected that come. If
you straight up execute the bandit to ease his pain, you get a
Naomi Nerve +1. You also get a Naomi Love +1. You get some
additional dialog later as well.
“Gunfire is a bad idea. Scare them off.”:You get Naomi Love +1, and scare off the Bandits
Alternate Dialog and Carol Trust +1, Carol Nerve +1
“No (lie).”:
Alternate Dialog and Carol Nerve +1
“Tell her you’re proud of her.”:
Alternate Dialog and Carol Nerve -1
“Tell her you love her.”:
Alternate Dialog and Carol Love +1
You will now play a game of truth or dare (but mostly truth). Carol
and Naomi each have 4 questions, which you can pick in any order (no
difference, no points, etc). There are some questions you cannot ask
(only 6 rounds). Again it doesn’t matter in terms of points which
questions you ask (Naomi or Carols, etc.)
One Round – Carol will ask: “Okay .. uh .. What was the kinkiest
thing you ever did with Lori?”
“Incest Play”:
This sets your preferred kink to Incest Play (Calling you
daddy during sex)
“Schoolgirl Play”:
This sets your preferred kink to School Girl. You can get
cool school girl sex later in the game (IE. Chapter 12)
“Butt Stuff”:
This sets your preferred kink to Anal Play
This sets your preferred kink to none
One Round Naomi will ask: “Okay .. [player_name]? Have you ever liked
someone older than you?”
Makes no Difference, Alternate Dialog
Makes no Difference, Alternate Dialog
Round Six comes and you get to pick 1 person to ask a question to.
“Ask Carol a question.”:
Naomi asks the MC about the length of his hair and Carol Love +1
“Ask Naomi a question.”:
Naomi asks Carol about the first time she masturbated and Naomi
Love +1
Naomi asks if you want to play a more R rated version of Truth or
dare. Your choices are to go down this path, or to go to bed. “Sure, why not?”:
Play a little more Risque version of Dare with Naomi and get
Naomi Trust +1
“Grab her boob.”:
Umm – you grab Naomi’s boob and Naomi Love +1
“Better not.”:
Alternate Dialog and no extra points
“Actually, better not.”:
Quit playing the game
The End of Chapter 6
Additional dialog and get Naomi Trust +1
“Stay silent.”
There is a scene in Chapter 4 and Chapter 6 where you had the
opportunity to move a dead infected body from the street. I have
modified the “best” choices now that the outcome is fleshed out. It
is best that you don’t move the body if you want max love points.
Otherwise you should move it in Ch 6 when there is no penalty for
missing content.
If you didn’t move the body – you get a ton of nested choices which
you can get a few points for each girl.
“Be honest with them.”:
You tell them about the body, get Naomi Love/Nerve +1 and Carol
Love/Nerve +1. You also get alternate dialog.
“Come clean.”:
You get alternate dialog
“Tell Carol a half-truth.”:
You lie to Carol and get Carol Trust -1
“Fudge the truth.”:
You get alternate dialog and lie to them. You get Carol Trust –
1, Carol Nerve +1, Naomi Nerve +1.
If you moved the body – you get no points and alternate dialog.
If you followed this guide, you should have at least 3 (4 if you
picked Naomi in the Truths game a couple nights before) Naomi Love,
since you need at least 2 to get a goodnight kiss, and 3 to get the
following choice.
“Keep looking.”:
Additional Dialog and scene plus Naomi Love +1, plus you get
alternate dialog the next day, and another scene is Ch 8. This
is not the best play if you are trying for a Carol only path.”Probably best not to.”:
You miss out, alternate dialog
If you fired 2 or more shots when saving Naomi, you get visited by
multiple infected, and get a Naomi and Carol Nerve +2. Otherwise you
get visited by a single infected and get a Naomi and Carol Nerve +1.
“Motion her in for a hug.”:
Alternate dialog and you get Naomi Trust +1
“Maybe not. You’ve been too “touchy” with her lately.”:
Alternate dialog and no points
“That’s great, but not now.”:
Alternate dialog and Carol Love +1
“(say nothing)”:
Alternate Dialog and Carol Nerve +1
The End of Chapter 7
Carol Nerve +1 & Naomi Nerve +2
“A few”:
Carol Trust -1 & Naomi Nerve +1
If you have Naomi Nerve >=3 you get an additional scene with choices
(You should get it if you follow this guide)
“Calm Naomi down yourself.”:
Alternate Dialog & Naomi Trust +1
“Carol’s got it under control.”:
Alternate Dialog
At this point you are getting to a conversation about moving to a
different location to live. If you followed this guide you should
get the option for the GREEN path Choices. If you don’t have Naomi
Trust at least 3 and Carol Trust at least 5, you get alternate dialog
and Naomi freaks out about having to move and not being safe, and
there are no choices in the dialog.
“Bring it up”:
Additional Dialog and if Carol Trust >=5
“Put a hand on her shoulder.”:
Alternate Dialog and Naomi Trust +1
“Maybe not.”:
Alternate Dialog
“Put it off for tonight”:
Alternate Dialog

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