Portals of Phereon [v0.18.0.1]

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Portals of Phereon is an exploration/ management/ breeding / turnbased (on tilemaps) strategy game with Monstergirls.

Developer: Syvaron Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 2D game, Anal sex, Big tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Futa/trans, Futa protagonist, Handjob, Male protagonist, Management, Monster girl, Oral sex, Rape, RPG, Strategy, Text-based, Titfuck, Turn-based combat, Vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “PoP.exe” to start playing.

If you are moving your saves to a newer version, only the unlockables.sav is compatible.


  • Each element now has a nymph evolution (4 new species)
  • Generally more evolution skill choices and more descriptive text
  • Most nymphs should provide a lot of synergy and flexibility to their element.
  • new skills
  • new special hybrid
  • 2 new special species
  • new unique
  • Flora art update


  • a lot more events/pictures
  • more cards/upgrade options
  • can only date each character once/day
  • most uniques have a small unique dating effect/passive


  • Full portals are now saved (savefile bigger based on current loaded portals. might cause loading of the save selection screen to take longer with many savefiles for now.)
  • Changing tiles affects daily changes/regrow things
  • separated building/terraform menu.
  • (foundation for more complex buildings with storage/ability to assign characters etc. in future)
  • some things can be build at higher range


  • some locations have an additional npc
  • some more special options and events
  • evo-show update
  • in shows, guests now leave when satisfaction stays at 100 or 0 for 2 turns
  • time cost for show-actions and duration halved. (ranks increase max time)
  • Removed the nearby location buttons
  • Removed some library tabs and updated info.


  • Added loadouts for starting selections.
  • Mc-genetics from character creation give bonus base stats now.
  • Some genetic starting traits have additional benefits.
  • One random profession has a yellow bonus, also giving you more options for first essence.


  • Cleaned up some decriptions/tutorial etc.
  • Updated story/lore stuff to be more consistent.
  • Druid has a new starting passive, granting a bonus based on stance.
  • Expanded fairy help suggestions
  • Unique looks and some abilities are kept after fusing, if the species matches.
  • Characters can toggle between guard and shield as defensive action. (testing for now)
  • many small QoL changes
  • some new “cheats”:
  • “skill+ +skillname” list species with that skill (e.g “skill Fireball”).
  • “passive+ +passivename” to list passives.
  • “glimpse” to reveal gallery temporarily without messing with unlocks.
  • those don’t flag a file as cheating.
  • While a file is flagged as cheating, you’re now never encumbered.

Noteworthy bug fixes:

  • Soft lock when a character had regeneration/bleed effects at the same time in a specific order.
  • AI-focus setting didn’t do anything.
  • character quest rewards were always the same
  • some types of dating action didn’t immediately update stats.
  • growth essences only applied to fusions and not eggs.
  • some elemental weaknesses weren’t consistent with tooltips.


  • I still have to write descriptions for scenes/events, which was kinda the main thing I wanted to do this update.
  • Next I’ll probably clean up/add some overworld events, fill in town stuff and add many rare world objects/biomes etc.
  • Otherwise there aren’t that many placeholders etc. in the game anymore and the core will soon be mostly finished.

Warning: Most cheat codes flag your save game as “cheated” and you can’t unlock traits etc. for the next playthrough.

Cheat CodeDescriptionLocation
moneygives moneyTown
stonegives stoneTown
woodgives woodTown
crystalsgives crystalTown
resourcesgives you all resourcesTown
maxexhaustionincrease player(max)exhaustionTown
commonitemgain a random item of a common rarityTown
rareitemgain a random item of a rare rarityTown
legendaryitemgain a random item of a legendary rarityTown
characterget a random basic characterTown
portalcreate random new portalTown
relationsmaxes out all town npc relationsTown
lewdsmaxes out all town npc lewdity (not considered cheating in v0.9.10.1)Town
tavernpointsgain points to use in the tavernTown
skillpointsgain points to use in the main character skill treeTown
breedinstantly breeds the two first characters in your party with basic focusesTown
unlimitedsets savetype as unlimited/the basic oneTown
evoallunlocks all body parts for the evolution main characterTown
eggrandom eggTown
makeeggget an egg from first 2 partycharactersTown
opmcmakes mc op(overpowered)Town
brothelrankincrease brothelrankTown
passtimepass 10 days without triggering events/thingsTown
mcexpgives 100xp to main characterTown
allspeciesunlock all formsTown
geneticsmax all genes for main characterTown
newgameplusstarts a newgame+ immediatlyTown
clearclears creation worldmodifierTown
scoutto reveal entire mapOverworld
eventto trigger an eventOverworld
restoreheal partyOverworld
gengenerates a new world with the same settingsOverworld
manaa lot of maxmana for main characterOverworld

The file goes in the saveData folder with your saves. You can find the folder in the Data folder for the game (PoP_v0.12.0.1_win_Data/saveData).


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