Hazelnut Latte [v0.8]

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In this visual novel, you visit a café and find a young barista named (Phil)Hazel.
The two of you hit it off and the choice is up to you.
What kind of coffee do you like?
Do you want an espresso?
Something sweet, like a frappe?
Or do you want to try the special: A Hazelnut Latte?​

Developer: RadLord Patreon Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, animated, male protagonist, trap, voyeurism, masturbation

Extract and run


  • Acts are now Episodes.
  • Hazel has 2 new outfits! An Ash Williams cosplay outfit and a casual outfit.
  • Hazel has 7 more expressions! (With all past expressions being redone) Bringing him to 12 total expressions! Because of this, his scenes throughout the game so far have been altered to showcase the new expressions. (Except for Episode II, which I will work on next update.)
  • I fixed the lewd scene at the end of Episode II to account for players who hadn’t had any lewd scenes or sex yet.
  • Fixed the issue on mobile where trying to enter the bathroom too early causes the game to lock.
  • Added in Episode III, the Halloween Special! This update includes roughly 7,000 words of dialogue!
  • Three lewd scenes with two that can either link together, or you can finish early.
  • Six images were added to the gallery for you to unlock.
  • Changed the hidden lewd scene in Episode II as it is now a part of the actual story. (Something new is there now.)
  • Redid the Hazel Jerk Off in Episode I and the Sex Scene after the Date in Episode II to now have full animation! I will be updating past scenes with new animations as I can afford them.
  • Implemented a Town Map system into Episode III, with a retroactive Map moment in Episode I.
  • New backgrounds for the Theater, the Hotel in the daytime, and the exterior of Cafe Estro plus a redo of the Cafe bathroom.

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