Iragon [v0.53 Beta]

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We’ve been making VR games for three years now. When we finished our previous project, the question came up. What if we could bring what we love most about fantasy anime to a fully interactive VR experience?

I think the best way for us to explain this game is to tell you how we came up with this idea.
Everybody who works at repulse loves fantasy anime, we are huge fans of shows like Attack
on Titan and Full Metal Alchemist. And we also like to play visual novels especially the ones with erotic and lesbian content.

When we finished our last virtual reality game, we asked ourselves: What if we could combine
the elements we love most about anime and visual novels in a full interactive VR experience.
And that is exactly what Iragon is about.

You play the game as Darick, a poor kid from a small village. Everything for him changes when
he meets Erika, a bisexual girl who gets ambushed by soldiers of the Empire.
To help her, you must learn to use your magic, but on your quest to bring her home
safe you will have to journey into a dangerous frozen world. Along the way, you will
battle enemy soldiers, undead skeletons, and perhaps cross paths with seductive creatures
of the frozen land while you unlock new erotic adventures with the beautiful Erika.

So this is ultimately a game about living out a high fantasy adventure, with a strong emphasis
on putting the player in control. The game is meant to be experienced in VR, but we dedicated
an equal amount of care in delivering a standard version that will work for players who do not
have a VR headset.

Version: 0.50 Beta
Developer: Repulse IndieGoGo
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Male Protagonist, Romance, Vaginal Sex, Big Tits, Groping, Fully Animated, Full Voiceover, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy

  1. Extract the file
  2. Run the Iragon.exe file. Or run IragonVR.exe for VR.
  3. Enjoy!

Beta v0.53 from 11.19.21

Hello and welcome to another Iragon changelog.

First up, we’ve added a new prostitute outfit in the Harem with the rest of the girls. She has a cute top with a bow on it and a wavy skirt with knee-high heels. This outfit also has a new texture added to it and we are open to suggestions for the girl if you have any.

We have populated the village with girls that you can interact with. Walk right up to one of them and give it a try, you can lift their skirts up and interact with their boobs. Hopefully the village won’t feel as empty anymore.

Another thing we’re currently working on is improving the follower’s animations. We are trying to create smoother-looking walking. Running and combat animations. These new animations are also getting hair and boob physics soon.

The followers’ downed state has been iterated on. Now players’ movements are disabled when they revive the followers and if the player attacks the resurrection progress is reset.

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