My Time with You [Book 2 Ch.22]

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A childhood love has returned after years of waiting for her, rekindling your hopes of being with her.
But another woman who claims to be your ‘wife‘ from the future has come to save you from the an unkown ‘horror?‘ that lies ahead. Together with her, you will rewrite your future for the better(or not), through the choices you make. You’ll meet a colorful cast of characters that will help you reshape your life as you influence theirs with the choices “you” will make and hopefully not get your balls bashed in, trying to nail them all. (except dice, cause NO)

Developer: EoloStudios DiscordPatreon
Censored: No
Version: Book 2 Ch.22
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Book 2: Chapter 22

A few changes between this and the previous version:
-Added gallery.
-Added a screen at the end with Miho to redirect users to our pages.
-Added Manic_umbra to the wall of fame. Thank you.
-A few edits here and there on the dialogue
That’s about it, there’s not much to address in this post towards the exclusive supporters since I just did that a couple of days ago.


Book 1 needs to be finished to play book 2. Loading saves from book 1 is unnecessary,
Click start on book 2 if you cleared book 1.

Book 2





Book 1 Rerendered






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